Chulop By The Syarifs

Chulop By The Syarifs
430 Upper Changi Road
#01-93 East Village

Chulop By The Syarifs Signage

Decent Churros & Dips

(Ratings: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 = Worst and 10 = Best)
Overall: 6
Ambience & Setting: 3
Food & Beverage: 6
Service: 6
Value for Money: 6
Spent about SGD $5 per person.


Opened by celebrity Singaporean couple Syarif Sleeq and Malaque Mahdaly in May 2015, Chulop By The Syarifs in the sleepy East Village mall offers home made churros and artisinal dipping sauces. Everything is freshly made daily, according to recipes developed by the talented couple, and Chulop By The Syarifs used to draw long queues, selling out quickly when they first opened.

Ambience at Chulop By The Syarifs is limited, as it's primarily a takeaway kiosk, with no seating at all. That said, the decor outside the store is really pretty, like a cheerful garden. The inside of the store has bright colours, but still manages to look uninspired, plain, and dull. Stay here too long and the smell of churros frying might stick to your clothing!

Service at Chulop By The Syarifs is decent. What I like are the short waiting times, usually not more than 5 minutes. The staff are friendly, able to engage you in conversation if you're waiting, as well as offer recommendations. Otherwise, everything is mostly self-service here, as Chulop By The Syarifs is a takeaway kiosk.

Food at Chulop By The Syarifs is focused on 2 areas; home made artisinal churros with dipping sauces, and crafted beverages such as coffee or milkshakes. I find taste to be pretty good, their version of churros has a crisp exterior, with a soft, slightly doughy interior. Portions are standard, usually 3 churros and 1 dipping sauce. Prices are on the high side, an order usually costs about SGD $4 - $5, expensive for this dessert!


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The Churros With Spanish Caramel Dip (SGD $3.90) was outstanding. The churros are long, with a crisp exterior that crunches satisfiyingly, and is coated with a decent dusting of cinnamon sugar. The interior is slightly soft and doughy, with a light chew, yet isn't too thick in texture, being just right. The best though, is the dip, similar in taste to a salted caramel, being a nice balance of sweet salty, yet manages to remain light, not overpowering. Good!

Churros With Spanish Caramel Dip (SGD $3.90)


Spanish Caramel Dip


The Churros Pandan With Gula Melaka Dip (SGD $5) didn't appeal to me. While the churros infused with pandan / screwpine leaf has good flavour and texture, I felt there was too much dessicated coconut shavings, making each mouthful dry. At least the dipping sauce of palm sugar was quite good, though the dessicated coconut kept falling off in chunks into the sauce... really messy. And for the price, I don't think it's worth it. Skip this.

Churros Pandan With Gula Melaka Dip (SGD $5)

Churros Pandan

Gula Melaka Dip