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Jardin Du Massialot Creme Brulee (SGD $17.80)

Beautifully Hand Crafted Gourmet French Desserts

(Ratings: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 = Worst and 10 = Best)
Overall: 8
Ambience & Setting: 8
Food & Beverage: 9
Service: 10
Value for Money: 8
Spent about SGD $16 / $52 per person.


Established in November 2014 but opening their cafe in February 2015, French dessert patisserie Mad About Sucre is regularly mentioned in Singapore lists such as 'Best Desserts', 'Best Cafes', 'Best Patisseries', or 'Best French Restaurants'. And no wonder, with their insistence on using fresh, organic ingredients, and making items from scratch, Mad About Sucre has quickly gained much acclaim. Chief baker and pastry chef Lena Chan, a graduate of the reowned French culinary arts school Le Cordon Bleu, runs the place alongside brother Eric Chan, who heads up the the French Provincial hot kitchen, producing delicious gourmet plates that are painstakingly researched and scratch made. Rounding out the team is James, who runs the front of house, introducing diners to their delectable creations.

Ambience at Mad About Sucre exudes an elegant European sophistication. As befits their theme, you get Parisian style cafe decor, think elegant modern wooden furniture, in shades of white and light wood colours. Rows of shelves at the entrance, stacked with all manner of knick-knacks from faux plants to pretty in pink boxes. Warm mood lighting creates an intimate atmosphere, and the small floor area means seating is limited, so there are no noisy crowds. Very nice, great for long, lingering meals and relaxed conversations!

Service at Mad About Sucre far exceeds that of a typical cafe, comparable to some of the best fine dining restaurants around. More than just tableside service, it feels personalised, each guest is an important diner. It begins with a friendly welcome, then a clear and detailed explanation of the menu / dessert offerings. Upon serving, staff will also describe the inspiration and ingredients of the dish, as well as how it's best consumed. Fantastic attention to detail, expect to be engaged and wowed by a true dining experience!

Food at Mad About Sucre is gourmet French cuisine, with their speciality being desserts. Their philosophy on French food is reflected throughout all dishes, with reduced sweetness, fresh organic ingredients, no artificial flavourings or colouring, and no preservatives. You get hand crafted, nutritious, great tasting food here. The menu changes seasonally every 3 - 4 months, as do their desserts. Portions are nicely sized for individuals, though desserts may be shared. The biggest hurdle then, is the price, as Mad About Sucre commands pricing befitting a top quality, gourmet restaurant. Budget about SGD $52 per person for a full meal (main course + dessert), or about SGD $16 just for desserts.


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The Jardin Du Massialot Creme Brulee (SGD $17.80) is named after Chef François Massialot, who was credited with creating the classic French dessert Crème Brûlée back in 1691. The combination of French vanilla bean, free-range eggs, and thick French cream, result in a creamy smooth, sweet eggy custard, with a torched caramelised sugar crust that is beautifully golden and crisp. Topped with mint leaves, and a variety of fruits (blueberries, strawberries, raspberries), including slices of Mandarin oranges which have been marinated in 5 different liqueurs! The signature dessert here. Highly recommended!

Jardin Du Massialot Creme Brulee (SGD $17.80)

Jardin Du Massialot Creme Brulee, Source Credits

Part of the Summer/Fall 2016 collection, the Cirque De Gavarnie (SGD $12.80), inspired by the Gavarnie Valley in Hautes-Pyrénées, within the Languedoc-Roussillon-Midi-Pyrénées region of France, is the lightest of the Summer 2016 range of desserts. With a vibrant red currant berries globe, a fruity sweet lychee cake, on a toasted wild oats sablee pastry tart base. Delicately sweet and light, with a fruity center.

Cirque De Gavarnie (SGD $12.80)

Cirque De Gavarnie

Cirque De Gavarnie, Source Credits

Part of the Summer/Fall 2016 collection, the Coco Citron (SGD $11.80) is inspired by the Montmarte hill in Paris, within the Île-De-France region of France, where sunlight reflects off the buildings below. Part of the Summer 2016 range of desserts, the attention to detail is obvious, from the zesty sour sweet Turkish lemon curd within a flaky buttery sablee pastry tart shell, to the light toasty floral earthy coconut mousse topped with shattered sugar crystals that gleam and sparkle in the light. Excellent!

Coco Citron (SGD $11.80)

Coco Citron

Coco Citron

Coco Citron

Coco Citron, Source Credits

Part of the Summer/Fall 2016 collection, the Passionne (SGD $11.80) is inspired by the classic American cheesecakes, yet this delicate cake made with 4 different types of cheese is light, with a creamy smooth texture. Infused with sweet passionfruit, with a slight crunch from coco nibs, the soft, moist cake sits on a crumbly buttery shortcrust pastry. Topped with a gooseberry for decor, this cheesecake is delightful.

Passionne (SGD $11.80)


Passionne, Source Credits

Part of the Summer/Fall 2016 collection, the Le Caillou (SGD $12.80), whose name means 'The Pebble', is inspired by skipping stones across ponds. A round, spherical shaped pudding of Mandarin oranges, pecan nuts, and Caribbean rum infused cream, on a base of pecan and milk chocolate shortbread biscuits. With flavours of nutty, sweet, zesty, and boozy, it's a great addition to the Summer 2016 range of desserts collection.

Le Caillou (SGD $12.80)

Le Caillou

Le Caillou, Source Credits

Part of the Summer/Fall 2016 collection, the Chocolat Noir (SGD $12.80), inspired by decadent indulgences, is the heaviest of the Summer 2016 range of desserts. With a rich, deep chocolate blend of 66% Mexican dark chocolate, 100% French dark chocolate, and almond cream, on a base of chocolate meringue and chocolate sablee pastry tart shell. Utterly surprising that it's made without any sugar, but with salt, which bring out the natural sweetness of the chocolate, making the overall flavour slightly bitter, slightly sweet, but still pleasant. Topped with a crunchy coco beans tuiles, you get the silky almond cream, then the firm brownie-like exterior, then the soft moist interior, and finally a molten chocolate center. Holds its shape on the plate, but just melts away in the mouth. Excellent!

Chocolat Noir (SGD $12.80)

Chocolat Noir

Chocolat Noir

Chocolat Noir

Chocolat Noir, Source Credits

Update Dec-2016: Part of the Fall/Winter 2016 collection, the Pettite France (SGD $13.80) is the most intricately executed dessert pastry here, featuring the most number of ingredients. Features a nutty, creamy, yogurt mousse dome, made with French mascarpone and almonds, with a fruity apricot gel within that lends an intense burst of sour sweet flavour. Almost like a nougat in texture. Sandwiched with a buttery, crumbly, almond crispy crepe spiced sablee pastry tart base, slight nutty crunch. Glazed with honey and a house made French whisky.

Pettite France (SGD $13.80)

Pettite France

Pettite France, Source Credits

Update Dec-2016: Part of the Fall/Winter 2016 collection, the Amour (SGD $11.80) is sweet love. With a creamy, sour sweet yuzu mousse that has bright, refreshing notes, on a layer of white chocolate that is milky yet delicate, on a light and airy savoie sponge cake base. Topped with a house made chocolate stick, and a light crumbly meringue disk. Each component is tasty when eaten separately, but offers distinct layers of flavour when combined. Interesting to taste the differences in the combination here.

Amour (SGD $11.80)




Amour, Source Credits

Update Dec-2016: Part of the Fall/Winter 2016 collection, the Eglise St Augustin (SGD $12.80) is inspired by the iconic dome of the Église Saint-Augustin De Paris (Church Of St. Augustine) Catholic church, in Paris, Île-De-France, France. The vibrant red dome is a mousse of raspberry, cherry, and strawberry, coated in a strawberry and basil leaves confit gel. Below is a light, airy, moist vanilla choux sponge cake, with a sharp sour sweet strawberry gel center. A Madagascar vanilla cream and rich white chocolate coat surrounds this beautiful dessert, while the dome is topped with a raspberry and gold leaf.

Eglise St Augustin (SGD $12.80)

Eglise St Augustin

Eglise St Augustin

Eglise St Augustin

Eglise St Augustin, Source Credits


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