SOURCE & Offside Sports Bar

SOURCE & Offside Sports Bar - Closed
750A Chai Chee Road
#01-03 Viva Business Park

Grilled Squid (SGD $23)

Fresh Local Produce, Tasty Dishes

(Ratings: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 = Worst and 10 = Best)
Overall: 8
Ambience & Setting: 8
Food & Beverage: 8
Service: 8
Value for Money: 6
Spent about SGD $40 per person.


Founded in May 2016 by celebrity chef Mr. Melvyn Lee, of the 'Accidental Chef' television show, SOURCE & Offside Sports Bar is a casual bistro in the revamped Chai Chee Technopark, now known as Viva Business Park. Offering a relaxed atmosphere with a variety of games and sporting activities, SOURCE & Offside Sports Bar focuses on producing dishes that are made with fresh, local produce, sourced from the nearby Chai Chee wholesale markets. As such, some items on their menu change daily, and sometimes changes mid-way throughout the day!

Ambience at SOURCE & Offside Sports Bar is casual, relaxed, and comfortable. The spacious interior, with its high ceiling, modern wooden furnishings, grey industrial floor, and decorative light bulbs, all lends a chill vibe. A large projector screen, for watching live matches, hangs outside a sporting cage used for softball and other sports. At the other end, a row of electronic darts machines beckon, and you'll see people throughout the day practising their aim!

Service at SOURCE & Offside Sports Bar is good, befitting a bistro. Staff are polite, friendly, and welcoming, quick to greet you upon entry, and seating you quickly. The menu, while small, has clear descriptions of dishes, though staff are able to answer general questions. Service is performed tableside, and they leverage technology through the use of tablets. I note they quickly clear away empty or dirty plates / tables. Only a small quibble, they tend to just plonk dishes on the table during service, could use some finesse.

Food at SOURCE & Offside Sports Bar is all about carefully crafted dishes, made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients, many of which are bought daily in the morning. Style is modern European / Western, with a focus on seafood, pasta, and bar snacks. Dishes are kept simple, with 1 or 2 main star ingredients, and the rest of the plate playing a harmonious supporting role. Flavours are clean, tasty, and fresh, absolutely delicious! Portions are decently sized for individuals, but as a bistro, prices are higher than usual, also due to the effort of sourcing fresh daily. Budget about SGD $40 per person for a meal with drinks here.


Expect the place to get crowded during live match days! They support and screen a variety of sports, and there's even sporting activities here!


SOURCE Seating & Offside Sports Bar Electronic Darts


Transformers Optimus Prime & Offside Sports Bar Screen

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A Soft Drink Root Beer Bundaberg (SGD $3.50), pretty alright as a beverage. I like how they serve it with the straw in the cap ring!

Soft Drink Root Beer Bundaberg (SGD $3.50)

The Beer Guinness Draught (SGD $16) is a dark Irish dry stout, named after Arthur Guinness, and is brewed by Diageo PLC in Dublin, Ireland. Among the most famous beers worldwide, this has a deep, dark black brown colour, with a creamy white foam head. The aroma and taste is similar, consisting of smoked malts, roasted coffee beans, faint caramel, and barley. The body is rich, velvety smooth, almost creamy, with a bitter sweet grainy flavour. A pint here is comparable in price to elsewhere, but I wish they had some form of happy hour promotion.

Beer Guinness Draught (SGD $16)

I liked the thick, creamy Pumpkin Soup (SGD $9), which is rich in sweet floral pumpkin flavour. The highlight is the crunchy toasted pumpkin seeds, which lends a smoky grainy taste, enhancing the overall dish. Pity that it looks oily though, wish there was less oil.

Pumpkin Soup (SGD $9)

Pumpkin Soup

A decadent, heart attack on a stick, the Spiced Bacon Lollipop Stick (SGD $8) is a unique creation by Chef Melvyn Lee. Consists of 5 layers of fatty streaky bacon, layered together, then spiced with cinnamon sugar and drizzled with honey. Designed as a bar snack, you get the taste of the salty, savoury, meaty bacon, followed by the floral sweetness of the cinnamon sugar and honey. Good, I personally liked it! Worth ordering!

Spiced Bacon Lollipop Stick (SGD $8)

Spiced Bacon Lollipop Stick

Spiced Bacon Lollipop Stick

The Fresh Oysters With House Vinaigrette (SGD $18) feature large, plump Canadian oysters, dressed with some lemon juice and lemon zest. Texture is juicy, meaty, and creamy, while the taste is a nice bright briny sweet. Served with 2 house made dipping sauces, including a sweet & sour sauce, and a lemon butter sauce. Each order gets you 4 oysters. Good!

Fresh Oysters With House Vinaigrette (SGD $18)

Fresh Oysters With House Vinaigrette

Loved the Grilled Squid (SGD $23), would come back again just for this! Freshly bought from the nearby wholesale markets, the squid is large, clean-tasting, and fresh, with just a light seasoning of salt, dressed with a zesty lemon sauce. Perfectly grilled, the texture is chewy and bouncy. Served over fresh vegetables, which are also sourced on the day, during my visit, this was tender zucchini, crunchy garlic brussel sprouts, and juicy smoky grilled semi-dried tomatoes. Excellent! Highly recommended!

Grilled Squid (SGD $23)

Grilled Squid

The Fresh Catch Of The Day changes daily, depending on what is bought at the wholesale market. During my visit in the day, this was Pan-Fried Seabass Fish (SGD $23), with a large, tender, smooth fillet of seabass fish, perfectly pan-fried, having a slightly crisp skin. Nicely seasoned, sweet with a hint of salty, it's served over crunchy savoury sauteed brussel sprouts with bacon, and juicy floral vine tomatoes mixed with earthy black olives. Good! So good in fact, that they ran out of seabass in the middle of the day, I later heard they changed the catch of the day to bullet tuna fish instead!

Fresh Catch Of The Day - Pan-Fried Seabass Fish (SGD $23)

Fresh Catch Of The Day - Pan-Fried Seabass Fish

Fresh Catch Of The Day - Pan-Fried Seabass Fish

At once both devilish and heavenly, the decadent Pig Me Up (SGD $25) features a healthy salad of sweet corn kernels, juicy vine cherry tomatoes, earthy asparagus, and superfood grain couscous, contrasted by 2 slabs of fatty braised pork belly. The meat is soft, tender, and moist, with good savoury salty flavour and a slight crisp crust. The fat just slides off the pork belly. Pair everything with the house made apple compote, whose sweet fruity flavour lends a nice round depth of flavour, and also helps stick the grains of couscous together. Good!

Pig Me Up (SGD $25)

Pig Me Up

Pig Me Up