The Clifford Pier Restaurant

The Clifford Pier Restaurant
80 Collyer Quay

The Clifford Pier Restaurant Facade

Fantastic Colonial Splendour, High Tea With A Local Twist

(Ratings: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 = Worst and 10 = Best)
Overall: 8
Ambience & Setting: 10
Food & Beverage: 7
Service: 8
Value for Money: 8
Spent about SGD $52 per person.


Occupying a treasured spot in the annuals of Singapore's history, the former Clifford Pier was once a bustling port for maritime trade. Today, The Clifford Pier Restaurant pays homage to a rich history that stretches back to 1933, honouring the local hawkers who once plied their trade in the area, and the diverse melting pot of cultures of the pioneers of Singapore. Be it lunch, high tea, or dinner, The Clifford Pier Restaurant serves up the best of local Singaporean favourites in a grand, opulent setting.

Ambience at The Clifford Pier Restaurant is fantastic. The rich colonial heritage is evident in the restored facade; large chandeliers hang from the high ceiling; floor to ceiling glass panels let in ample natural light; the gleaming marble floors and plush European style wooden furnishings in muted grey brown colour tones lending an elegant sophistication. The incredibly gorgeous lobby makes for photo-worthy moments, and the surrounding view is awesome. Yes, wedding couples even take photos here!

Service at The Clifford Pier Restaurant is above average, as expected from a good quality restaurant. Staff are polite, friendly, and welcoming, ensuring diners are quickly seated. They display good product knowledge of the various dishes available, and can make recommendations. I also note staff are proactive in clearing away empty / dirty plates or tables, coming around often to check, as well as offer more drinks. However, service tends to slow down towards the end of the meal timings.

Food at The Clifford Pier Restaurant features traditional Singapore favourites, done with premium ingredients. For the high tea, priced at SGD $45 ++ per person (3:30pm - 5:30pm Daily), you get a fixed set of sweet items in an elegant display, most of which I find to be just decent. However, this also includes a small, free-flow buffet of savoury items, which I find much tastier, and more value for money. For the price, it also happens to be among the most affordable and reasonable high teas around.


The Clifford Pier Restaurant Signage

The Clifford Pier Restaurant Facade

The Clifford Pier Restaurant Facade

Chandelier Lights


Buffet Line

Singapore Heritage Afternoon Tea By Shermay Lee

Menu High Tea Food

Menu High Tea Drinks

Menu High Tea Drinks - All-Time Hawkers' Favourites Descriptions

Menu High Tea Drinks - Travellers Tea Descriptions

Menu High Tea Drinks - Travellers Tea Descriptions

The sweet items are served in an elegant High Tea Display, and is sufficient for 2 people. These cannot be replenished though.

High Tea Display

A variety of 5 spreads are served. Love the smooth, rich, creamy Butter, and the fruity sweet Pineapple Jam with actual chunks of fruit! The floral sweet Roselle Jam and rich Cream Cheese is decent. The Pandan Kaya Jam stood out though, the fragrant floral pandan / screwpine leaf flavour is strong with a nice sweetness, but the texture was slightly more creamy than jam-like. May not appeal to all, though I liked it.


Cream Cheese

Pandan Kaya Jam

Pineapple Jam

Roselle Jam

Of the 6 sweet items, my favourite was the Pandan Swiss Roll with its moist texture and nicely balanced floral sweet pandan / screwpine leaf flavour. The Bandung Macaron wasn't overly sweet or intense, which I liked. Didn't quite fancy the Coconut Fruit & Nut Crumble Bar, the fruity earthy taste was too sweet, though it has the proper texture for a nougat crumble bar. The Marie Biscuit Cake, Roselle Jam Linzer Cookie, and Sugee Financier were decent.

Bandung Macaron

Coconut Fruit & Nut Crumble Bar

Marie Biscuit Cake

Pandan Swiss Roll

Roselle Jam Linzer Cookie

Sugee Financier

Loved the Sugar Crystal Scone for its rich, buttery flavour and crunchy sugar crystals, this was the best sweet item I had here! In contrast, I didn't like the Tropical Fruit Scone, as the chewy dried apricot chunks were much too large, making it irritating to chew.

Sugar Crystal Scone

Tropical Fruit Scone

The chilled Smoked Duck Salad has crunchy sweet fruits and vegetables along with savoury smoky sliced duck, pretty tasty salad! The straightforward Jellyfish Salad is properly crunchy with a slight spicy kick, not bad.

Smoked Duck Salad

Jellyfish Salad

Of the 5 savoury finger food items, I liked the Sardine Sandwich best, for its soft sandwich bread filled with savoury salty spicy sardine fish meat. The meaty savoury Nonya Pork Roll was very good too, tasty even on its own, better with a dipping sauce. You can build your own Kueh Pie Tee, or just help yourself to the ready made ones, either way, this was decent. The Fish Milk Sauce Choux Bun was interesting, sliced john dory fish fillet in a creamy bechamel white sauce, within a chewy choux puff pastry. Felt the Bak Kwa Jam Sandwich could be better, if it was more chewy in texture and had more smoky flavour.

Kueh Pie Tee

Sardine Sandwich

Bak Kwa Jam Sandwich

Fish Milk Sauce Choux Bun

Nonya Pork Roll

Of the 6 savoury main items, the Carrot Cake Black was the weakest. While tasty with its sweet black sauce and plenty of eggs, the daikon radish carrot cake chunks were much too large. The Chicken Curry was excellent, with meaty moist chunks of chicken in a savoury salty spicy curry gravy. Pair it with the equally good Roti Prata, which has a nicely crispy, buttery texture. The stringy Roti Jala was limp, while the Nasi Goreng was decent with a hint of smoky wok hei / breath of the wok. The best was the Sambal Prawns, fresh meaty sweet prawns / shrimp, coated in a savoury spicy sambal gravy. Highly recommended!

Carrot Cake Black

Curry & Breads

Chicken Curry

Roti Prata

Roti Jala

Nasi Goreng

Sambal Prawns

You get to mix your own Kopi Kosong here, as the strong, black coffee with no sugar is served with mugs of milk, condensed milk, and sugar on the side.

Kopi Kosong

The Silk Water Tea is a fragrant, mild blend of green tea with bergamot, jasmine, and rose, giving it a floral flavour.

Silk Water Tea

Completely surprised that The Clifford Pier Restaurant got a Birthday Chocolate Cake together on short notice! Loved the moist, luscious texture of the cake, with rich chocolate flavour. Would order this again as a regular cake!

Birthday Chocolate Cake

Birthday Chocolate Cake


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