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Award Winning Craft Beers From This Hidden Industrial Brewery

(Ratings: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 = Worst and 10 = Best)
Overall: 7
Ambience & Setting: 6
Food & Beverage: 8
Service: 7
Value for Money: 8
Spent about SGD $24 per person.


Located in a rather out-of-the-way industrial estate, in the area bordering between Bukit Batok and Toh Guan in West Singapore, The RawR Kitchen is a hidden craft beer brewery and casual Western bistro gastrobar. In fact, you can't even see the bistro from anywhere, as The RawR Kitchen is located on the 2nd level within The Splendour industrial complex. Despite having only opened in April 2016, The RawR Kitchen already boasts an award winning range of craft beers, brewed right on the premises!

Ambience at The RawR Kitchen is fittingly, modern industrial minimalist chic. Raw! The bare white walls surround a spacious seating area, with bright fluorescent lights, and various wooden furniture strewn about. In the evening, warm, dim lights set a more intimate mood. Comfortable sofas and safari chairs line one wall, while repurposed industrial wire spools have been converted into tables. The huge open kitchen offers a view of the cooking action, while the beer brewery in the back boasts large metal vats of liquid gold. Comfortable, casual, and also rather tranquil for a bar!

Service at The RawR Kitchen is friendly and casual. Staff will greet you upon entry, and you're free to sit anywhere. Orders and payment are performed tableside, like a full service restaurant. Staff are also efficient, quick to clear away empty / dirty tables when diners leave. Founder Kelvin Yeo mingles with and engages diners, and is able to provide good descriptions of the various dishes and beers here! He also helps out with cooking in the kitchen. I did feel that there could be more staff though, as it seems like a three-man show currently.

Food at The RawR Kitchen is casual Western pub grub, mostly grills, pasta, and bar snacks. Dishes are executed quickly, and to a decent standard of taste, better than a regular coffee shop Western stall. What I like are the substantial, hearty portions, and the relatively affordable prices. Budget about SGD $14 per person for a main course here, and about SGD $12 for 1 craft beer. All in all, it should only cost you about SGD $24 per person for a meal here. The RawR Kitchen features 11 different types of craft beer, all brewed in-house, and you shouldn't miss out on trying them!


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The weakest dish I had here was the Luncheon Fries (SGD $7). The meaty savoury strips of spam / luncheon meat are not crispy enough, not salty enough, and have a limp texture. The dipping sauce is chunky, and difficult to scoop up. Terrible, a waste of calories. Skip this.

Luncheon Fries (SGD $7)

Luncheon Fries

The Salted Egg Wings (SGD $8) here are among the best I've eaten! With 3 pieces of whole chicken wings, fried till the skin is crispy and savoury salty, yet the chicken meat within is moist and tender. Already good, it's made even better with a righteous, delicious house made salted egg sauce, creamy and decadent with notes of spice. So good! Highly recommended!

Salted Egg Wings (SGD $8)

Salted Egg Wings

The Herbal Chicken Soup (SGD $ Complimentary) is a soup of the day, and is only available on selected days, during lunch. It's not even listed on the menu, and definitely is not available at dinner. Founder & Chef Kelvin Yeo tells me this caters to the mainly Asian workers in The Splendour industrial complex, as they love it. There's good herbal taste with a hint of floral sweetness. And while there's no chicken meat within, this thin yet delicious soup / broth helps open the appetite!

Herbal Chicken Soup (SGD $ Complimentary)

Herbal Chicken Soup

The Pork Chop With Apple Cider (SGD $13) features medium-thick, savoury, moist slabs of pork chop, cooked in house brewed apple cider! Nicely grilled, with a smoky aroma, the pork chops are served over crunchy coleslaw, and a fragrant garlic butter rice that isn't oily. My personal favourite was the amazing flame grilled corn kernels, which has a smoky sweet flavour! The dish is completed with a savoury salty mushroom brown sauce, which lends good flavour, yet isn't too intense. Pure Western comfort food. Highly recommended!

Pork Chop With Apple Cider (SGD $13)

Pork Chop With Apple Cider

Pork Chop With Apple Cider

The Cajun Dory (SGD $12) is executed closely to the American Louisana, New Orleans style blackened fish, and I loved it! A large, fresh, meaty fillet of john dory fish, tender and moist within, with a fragrant, savoury salty herb and spice coat, grilled till black. Served over crunchy coleslaw, a fragrant garlic butter rice, and the yummy flame grilled corn kernels. The dish is finished with a light cream sauce, which I felt was rather weak in taste. Still, it's a very good fish dish. Highly recommended!

Cajun Dory (SGD $12)

Cajun Dory

Cajun Dory

The Striploin Steak (SGD $16) features a medium-sized, air-flown New Zealand beef striploin steak, grilled to a medium well doneness. Thick, savoury, juicy, meaty, the steak is topped with earthy sweet wild button mushrooms and caramelised onions. Served alongside a fragrant garlic butter rice, crunchy coleslaw, and the delicious flame grilled corn kernels. A light sprinkling of salt, pepper, and a hearty mushroom brown sauce completes the dish. Wish the steak was done to medium or medium rare though. Decent dish.

Striploin Steak (SGD $16)

Striploin Steak

Striploin Steak

Hearty, straightforward, and delicious, the Bolognese (SGD $11) pasta here is done in classic Italian dry style. Featuring semi-soft linguine pasta noodles, covered in a savoury rather than sweet minced beef ragu that has been stewed for 5 hours. Finished with a light sprinkling of shredded parmesan cheese. While it lacks the brightness of fresh tomato, this filling, meaty delight is completely tasty, and will please most. Good!

Bolognese (SGD $11)



Loved the alcoholic Beer Root Beer (SGD $11) here! Among the best I've tasted, the texture is silky, creamy, and rich, like butter! Flavour is strong, you get the herbal sweetness, but it's pleasant, coating the palate beautifully. Highly recommended!

Beer Root Beer (SGD $11)

Beer Root Beer

The Beer Stout (SGD $11) is very good, smooth and silky in texture, with flavour of roasted coffee beans and espresso. You get the deep toasty flavour, with a hint of sweet salty at the finish. I like that it lacks the sharp bitter taste of regular stout, as it's just a hint here. Highly recommended!

Beer Stout (SGD $11)

Beer Stout

The award-winning Beer Wheat (SGD $8) clinched the Silver medal at the recent CRAFT Singapore competition, beating out contenders from around Asia! With a creamy, fresh, silky texture, this refreshing beverage has a taste of wheat grains, bread, and light corn. Good clean finish, very drinkable. Highly recommended!

Beer Wheat (SGD $8)

Beer Wheat

The Beer Cider (SGD $10) has a refreshing, fizzy texture with medium carbonation, and a sweet zesty taste of apples and lemon. A clear, near transparent body, and a fragrant aroma of fruit, this cider also boasts a stronger alcohol level than most.

Beer Cider (SGD $10)

Beer Cider

The Beer English Bitter (SGD $9), or Pale Ale, has a light, bright, refreshing texture, with a taste of malts, hops, and bread, being sweet bitter in flavour. Very drinkable, goes down easily, and is not too strong. Nice starter beer!

Beer English Bitter (SGD $9)

Beer English Bitter

The Beer India Pale Ale (SGD $11) is a hoppy, light beverage with a semi-thin body texture. The taste of hops and malt is distinct, along with wheat and barley. Semi sweet and bitter in flavour, it's great for a hot day.

Beer India Pale Ale (SGD $11)

Beer India Pale Ale

They even offer Tiny Beer Keg(s), which can hold up to 7 litres! Price varies depending on your choice of craft beer.

Tiny Beer Keg

Tiny Beer Keg With Dispenser