Atmosphere Bistro

Atmosphere Bistro
920 East Coast Parkway
#01-25 Parkland Green

460 Alexandra Road
#02-20 Alexandra Retail Centre (ARC)

Atmosphere Bistro Buffalo Wings
Buffalo Wings (SGD $13.80)

Come For The Ambience & Bar Snacks

(Ratings: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 = Worst and 10 = Best)
Overall: 5
Ambience & Setting: 6
Food & Beverage: 6
Service: 4
Value for Money: 5
Spent about SGD $38 per person.


Opening its doors in October 2014, Atmosphere Bistro is aptly named, due to its scenic outlet location at East Coast park, though it's a misnomer for the enclosed outlet at Alexandra. Atmosphere Bistro gained fame for its cute 3D coffee art during the trendy heydays a few years ago, and while the fad has died out, the bistro bar is still a good place for drinks and bar snacks. It's other food however, largely remains below average. However, it's unlikely I will return, due to the poor service standards.

Ambience at Atmosphere Bistro differs greatly depending on the outlet you visit. The enclosed Alexandra outlet is normal at best, not even matching up to smaller cafes with nicer decor. Personally, I prefer the scenic East Coast park outlet, with its view of the beach, and surrounded by ample greenery. Great on most days, except during wet weather, when the open concept works against the place. The sleek modern furnishings are decently functional and comfortable, but not the most suitable for relaxing. Also, I once had a bird alight on a chair at the next table, then poop on it.

Service at Atmosphere Bistro is inconsistent, not befitting a bistro bar. The good points; staff are alert, quick to greet and seat guests. They're able to provide detailed instructions on using the tablet for ordering, and can advise on dishes as well. Orders are fulfilled relatively quickly, and I also note that staff are efficient are clearing away empty / dirty tables.

However, the bad points about the service here outweighs the good. Self-service ordering means it's difficult to make special requests. Furthermore, staff are largely oblivious, mostly just standing around, and it's difficult to attract their attention. I once ordered 3D coffee art, only to be told later that it wasn't available, but they still incorrectly charged me for it (Although they did refund me when I asked). The worst experience was a visit when I arrived early, only to be told the kitchen was closed. When I enquired when the kitchen would open, the staff said, "In 15 minutes time. You can only place your order 15 minutes later." Total turn off for me, very poor service. They could have simply taken my order, and informed me there would be a short wait. Totally unbecoming, fail service!

Food at Atmosphere Bistro is a mish-mash of Western influence, including American, British, Italian, French, and some Singaporean influence thrown in. Largely, the main courses here are average in taste and execution, you can get better elsewhere. I find the bar snacks, finger food, appetizers, and drinks to be much more worthwhile here. Portions are large for individuals, and may be shared. Prices are expected for a bistro bar, though not great value for money, budget about SGD $38 per person for a meal here.


Atmosphere Bistro Signage

Atmosphere Bistro Exterior

Atmosphere Bistro Interior

The frosty Kirin Frozen Beer (SGD $13) makes an excellent thirst-quencher on a warm day. The cold, light, smooth beer, with a pale golden yellow colour, aroma of hay, malt, and grains, has a taste of bread, lemon citrus, and cereal. Some slight sweetness with a tinge of bitterness, yet still pleasant and very drinkable, with medium carbonation and a fairly dry finish. It's unique point is being topped with a frozen slushie foam head, which is available in a variety of different flavours.

Kirin Frozen Beer (SGD $13)

Was terribly disappointed with the experience around my order of Hot Chocolate (SGD $6 / $7). I originally ordered it with 3D art, only to be told later that it wasn't available. Staff spilled the drink while serving, making a mess of the saucer. And later, they still incorrectly charged me for the 3D art! To be fair, they did refund me the difference when I told them, although it took them 10 minutes to sort it out. The actual hot chocolate drink / beverage itself has a nice flavour, smooth but not as intense or deep as I would like, only decent at best.

Hot Chocolate (SGD $6 / $7)

Rather weak Cafe Latte (SGD $5). Tried requesting again for 3D coffee art, only later found out that it's no longer available here. Which brings up the question as to why it's still an option on the menu. Overall, the coffee is underwhelming, thin in texture with a lingering bitterness. Not good.

Cafe Latte (SGD $5)

Loved the Buffalo Wings (SGD $13.80) here. The moist chicken drumlets have meat which comes easily off the bone, but what makes this stand out is the savoury sweet spicy sauce glaze, and the slightly crisp skin. Love that slight bit of chili heat, yet it's not too powerful, making this palatable for most. Would return again for this, with beer!

Buffalo Wings (SGD $13.80)

Buffalo Wings

Loved the Spam Fries (SGD $9.80), this is among the better versions I've had. Thick cut, meaty strips of spam / luncheon meat, what stood out was the slightly crisp exterior, contrasted by the moist soft interior. Served with a kaffir lime mayonnaise, which was weak. Still, pretty good on its own, worth sharing as a bar snack.

Spam Fries (SGD $9.80)

Spam Fries

The Mini Burgers (SGD $14.80) are a trio of American style sliders, with fluffy soft sesame seed burger buns, enveloping a moist, tender, savoury salty, home made chicken patty, spread with tomato ketchup and a slice of cheese. Served with a fresh side garden salad, the chicken patty in the burger is tasty, but not particularly outstanding. Not bad, but not great either. A decent order.

Mini Burgers (SGD $14.80)

Mini Burgers

Mini Burgers

Mini Burgers

Felt the Salted Egg Yolk Pasta (SGD $21.80) was underwhelming. The spaghetti pasta noodles were soft instead of al-dente, and while the home made salted egg yolk sauce / gravy was thick and rich with savoury salty flavour, it lacks the spice of curry leaves to give it that edge. There were only 4 deshelled prawns, which weren't fresh, and worse, the dish was very oily. At least the poached egg was perfectly runny and eggy. While the portion is incredibly filling, I didn't manage to finish it, as it got cloying halfway through. Overall, an underwhelming pasta main course, other places do it better.

Salted Egg Yolk Pasta (SGD $21.80)

Salted Egg Yolk Pasta

Salted Egg Yolk Pasta

You can tell the Rainbow Cake (SGD $7.80) here is home made, because of the uneven layers of cream and cake. Rather decent, I like the moist, soft texture, and the ratio of cream to cake is just right. The vanilla flavour is light and sweet, though the frosting on top is a little thick, and the strawberries on the side are not that fresh. It's also more expensive now, they used to serve a whole cake slice, but has since been reduced to just a square of cake. Overall, still a decent dessert cake.

Rainbow Cake (SGD $7.80)

Rainbow Cake

Rainbow Cake