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Milky Cube (SGD $5.90)

Korean Organic Milk Soft Serve Ice Cream!

(Ratings: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 = Worst and 10 = Best)
Overall: 5
Ambience & Setting: 4
Food & Beverage: 8
Service: 3
Value for Money: 6
Spent about SGD $6 per person.


Founded in South Korea in 2014, the Korean brand Milkcow finally opened in Singapore in January 2015. Milkcow is known for their soft serve ice cream made using organic milk, and they offer the widest range of toppings amongst all soft serve ice cream brands. Some slight difference; in South Korea, Milkcow is a full fledged dessert cafe with pastries, confectionery dishes, and a range of beverages; but in Singapore, they only sell soft serve ice cream.

Ambience at Milkcow is bright, clean, and inviting, with cow-themed decor. Each outlet boasts a bright signage and a colourful menu, along with their signature organic honeycomb in the display freezer. However, all orders are takeaway only, there is absolutely no seating within their stores.

Service at Milkcow is casual and fast. Because everything is takeaway, ordering, payment, and collection is all self-service, over the counter. There is some minimal engagement with the mostly young staff, who can advise on what goes into each soft serve ice cream creation. Generally, there is little other interaction needed.

Food at Milkcow is focused solely on Korean soft serve ice cream, with about 14 different topping combinations to choose from. I find the taste to be slightly sweeter than other brands, and the texture is smoother and richer with good milky flavour, yet the dessert is not overwhelming. Portions are rather small for the price, making this slightly more expensive than others, budget about SGD $6 per soft serve ice cream.

Ultimately, it's hard to see Milkcow having massive success in Singapore, as the brand only arrived after the market reached saturation, with many yoghurt and other soft serve ice cream shops around. Even fast food restaurants sell this product, albeit at much cheaper prices. It could be a case of too little, too late for Milkcow.


Milkcow Exterior

Milkcow Interior

Milkcow Menu
Milkcow Menu

The Milky Honey (SGD $5.50) features their excellent smooth, creamy, sweet milky soft serve ice cream, topped with organic honey, which is sticky with a floral taste. Good!

Milky Honey (SGD $5.50)

Milky Honey

The Green Light (SGD $5.50) features their excellent smooth, creamy, sweet milky soft serve ice cream, on a base of crunchy almond flakes, topped with a vibrant, cooling, mint sauce. Love the contrast of textures from the almond flakes, but the mint sauce has a slightly artificial taste, though it's refreshing and makes the dessert look appealing.

Green Light (SGD $5.50)

Green Light

The signature dessert is the Milky Cube (SGD $5.90). While nice, I fail to see why it's so popular. True, the honeycomb has a balanced sweetness and a chewy texture, but without any other topping, I'm not too fond of it, as it can also be messy to consume.

Milky Cube (SGD $5.90)

Milky Cube