Carvers & Co

Carvers & Co
43 East Coast Road

Carvers Plate (SGD $30)

Very Good Roast Meats!

(Ratings: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 = Worst and 10 = Best)
Overall: 7
Ambience & Setting: 6
Food & Beverage: 8
Service: 7
Value for Money: 8
Spent about SGD $31 per person.


Founded by husband-and-wife team of Soh Wen Ming and Sarah Jane Lin in May 2014, Carvers & Co is a casual neighbourhood eatery, offering hearty meals of roast meats. The founder's idea was to create a warm, communal space, allowing friends and family to gather and have a great time.

Ambience at Carvers & Co is inviting, with a modern industrial flair. Designed by GEE Global, the small floor space, lined by simple beechwood dining tables and steel bistro chairs, has a raw, unpolished look, yet exudes a casual, relaxing feel. Inspired by forest cabins, the custom made teak beam totem lightings cast a dim, warm glow over the smooth, bare concrete walls, exposed ceiling beams, and distressed tiles. A chain link facade, and curious wall mural artworks by Italian graffiti artist Tono Cruz complete the casual, contemporary, pre-industrial vibe.

Service at Carvers & Co is friendly and casual, yet personalised. The relatively young staff are quick to greet and seat guests, and the more senior amongst them are incredibly knowledgable on the menu, able to provide detailed descriptions of dishes. However, the younger staff seem a little unsure at times, though I notice the on-the-job training here is quite comprehensive, even down to the proper temperature for storing wines! Orders are fulfilled with a short waiting time of about 10 minutes. I also note they're quick to clear away empty / dirty tables.

Food at Carvers & Co is all about meat... specifically, glorious smoky cuts of roast meats (beef or pork) that are so flavourful. Rustic plating, with slight charring on the edges of the meat, really feels like a home-cooked sort of meal. The menu is intentionally kept small, and changes regularly, great for repeat diners! Portions are medium to large, and suitable for sharing, though large eaters can easily finish individual portions. Prices at Carvers & Co are reasonable, and good value for money, as you get restaurant quality food at bistro prices. Budget about SGD $31 per person for a meal here.


Carvers & Co Exterior

Carvers & Co Interior

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Carvers & Co Menu

Carvers & Co Menu Weekender

The Beer Modern Times - Black House (SGD $15) is an oatmeal coffee stout brewed by Modern Times Brewery in San Diego, California, United States Of America. Brewed along with coffee beans that are roasted on-site, this black ale / beer with a brown foam head has a robust, complex taste. It starts out with a toasted grain and caramel notes, which leads into a coffee / espresso, chocolate, and hazelnut taste. Good!

Beer Modern Times - Black House (SGD $15)

The owners are also the same folks behind One Man Coffee, so it's no surprise that the Mocha (SGD $5.50) here is pretty good. Decent enough as a beverage, smooth but not as robust as I would like.

Mocha (SGD $5.50)

Really tasty these Fried Tripe Bits (SGD $8)! Thin, crisp, savoury salty batter, which cracks to reveal moist and tender beef tripe / stomach within, which has a nice chewy texture. Pair with a sweet, fresh tomato sauce, so good! Equally good with a dash of sharp sour tabasco sauce!

Fried Tripe Bits (SGD $8)

Fried Tripe Bits

The lovely Bacon Chips (SGD $8) are crisp, candied, deep fried strips of bacon... decadent, with a savoury smoky salty sweet flavour. Incredibly good, totally unstoppable!

Bacon Chips (SGD $8)

Bacon Chips

The Anchovy Aglio Olio (SGD $16) features al-dente spaghetti, tossed in olive oil and a salty savoury anchovy paste, garnished with juicy cherry tomatoes, fresh wild rocket leaves / arugula, and crunchy frisee / endive. I like the intense salty savoury taste of the pasta, and it's done to traditional Italian aglio olio standards, which is semi-dry.

Anchovy Aglio Olio (SGD $16)

Anchovy Aglio Olio

The house signature Carvers Plate (SGD $30) features a trio of meats, and is a good sampler platter for the undecided. The trio of meats here changes regularly, differing both by cut, and type, but generally, consists of beef or pork. Portion size is large, and it's good for sharing between 2 people!

Carvers Plate (SGD $30)

Carvers Plate

The Braised Beef Brisket is slow cooked for hours, making it really tender, though I notice it borders between moist and dry in texture. With a smoky, savoury flavour, each slice is incredibly tasty, enhanced with an intense beef meat gravy that is yummy! Served over a bed of rich, smooth, thick, creamy mashed potatoes, which have a buttery sweet flavour. Good!

Braised Beef Brisket

Braised Beef Brisket

The Cola Ribs are baby back pork ribs, marinated in a dry rub; a house special mix of spices. This locks in moisture and makes the meat very tender and tasty, with a savoury salty sweet flavour! A special reduced cola sauce is used to glaze the succulent meat. Served with a fresh salad of wild rocket leaves / arugula, and sharp sour pickled shredded cabbage. Highly recommended!

Cola Ribs

Cola Ribs

The plump, meaty Pork Sausage has good savoury herbal flavour, and while the texture is properly snappy and bouncy, I did feel it could be more moist. Amongst the better items on the plate, this was just average.

Pork Sausage

Only available on the breakfast / brunch weekend menu, the Beef Brisket Sandwich (SGD $13) features the house signature beef brisket, with its smoky savoury flavour, sandwiched between crisp outside, fluffy soft inside baguette bread, along with sour sharp sauerkraut, pickled gherkins, and dijon mustard. The contrast of flavours here work together wonderfully, making this sandwich very tasty! Highly recommended!

Beef Brisket Sandwich (SGD $13)

Beef Brisket Sandwich

Only available on the breakfast / brunch weekend menu, the Steak & Eggs (SGD $20) features a 200g beef ribeye steak, grilled to medium rare, served along with a fresh salad of wild rocket leaves / arugula, romaine lettuce, frisee / endive, and thick cut, skin-on chips. Love the crunchy salad, and the nice potato flavour in the chips. The beef, while perfect in texture, with a tender, juicy, meaty bite, has a rather muted savoury flavour. I think this has more to do with the average cut / quality of meat used, as the execution is fine. Not as tasty as I like, felt it could be much better with a higher quality cut of beef.

Steak & Eggs (SGD $20)

Steak & Eggs

Steak & Eggs