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We Need A Hero
57 Eng Hoon Street

11am - 9pm Mon - Fri,
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(Ratings: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 = Worst and 10 = Best)
Overall: 8
Ambience & Setting: 8
Estimated Visiting Duration: 40 - 60 Minutes
Service: 10
Value for Money: 6
Spent about SGD $90 per person.


Established in April 2013 and operated under the Spa Esprit Group brand, We Need A Hero (WNAH) is an all-rounded men's grooming and lifestyle retail experience, located in the Tiong Bahru area of Singapore. Positioned as a premium, luxury service for the modern gentry, We Need A Hero (WNAH) focuses primarily on male grooming, including haircuts and styling, shaving, eyebrow grooming, grooming products, and even waxing / hair removal treatments. Such pampering naturally comes at a price, the biggest barrier here is their expensive prices.

Ambience at We Need A Hero is akin to a superhero hideout, or man cave. Warm, bright lights illuminate the wooden panelling and carpeted concrete floor, while decor such as hunting trophy skulls or carving knifes hang on the walls, evoking a manly spirit of adventure and the thrill of the chase. References to the golden age of comic books, such as posters of famous comic book characters, complete the look. The shop floor, which has clean yet sharp angled lines, has space for 6 barbers to work at the same time. The 360 degree swivel on the comfortable, vibrant barber's chairs allows for easy movement, while the colourful wash basins look modern and striking. The shop front boasts a good display of various men's grooming products, which are also used in treatments here.

Service at We Need A Hero is excellent, top-notch. Staff are quick to greet and seat customers, and will offer drinks upon arrival, ranging from teas to whisky. The barbers / stylists are professional and skilled, able to offer recommendations when asked. I got a Basic Hair Cut, which includes:
1. Hair rinse
2. Shampoo with mint treatment application
3. Wash
4. Towel dry
5. Hair cut
6. Blow-dry & cleaning
7. Styling

Generally, I find this service to be on par with other high-end hair saloons, the stylist will engage you in conversation, offer treatment / hair care / styling tips, and provide a good hair cut. Where they differ and stand out though; is having the entire process performed by the stylist themselves, and the thoughtful inclusion of tissues covering your face, to prevent splashes during the hair wash.

During my visit to We Need A Hero, I also got a Basic Shave. I must say this was the most enjoyable experience of all, and something I would return again for! This includes:
1. Hot towel
2. Shaving cream application
3. Shave
4. After-shave treatment application
5. Cold towel

My stylist, Carrick, performed the shave excellently, using short, swift, precise strokes. The blade cuts close to the skin, yet does not break the surface. So clean and refreshing, it feels incredible, super shiok!

The amount of male pampering that We Need A Hero (WNAH) provides in their service comes at a price. They're among the more expensive options in the male grooming business, with a Basic Hair Cut costing SGD $55 upwards, a Basic Shave costing SGD $35 upwards, and Scalp Treatments costing SGD $70 upwards. Allocate about 40 minutes to 1 hour for a session here. While I love the service at We Need A Hero (WNAH), I would only visit again if I felt I wanted to splurge on grooming.


We Need A Hero Signage
We Need A Hero Signage

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We Need A Hero Price List

We Need A Hero Price List

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