Foods In Language

Food In Language

When was the last time you said somebody didn’t know beans about something, or described a fog as being as thick as pea soup, or called a political speech a lot of applesauce?

We really take the cake when it comes to using foods in our everyday figures of speech. When things go right, they are in apple pie order, and life is a bowl of cherries.

When things go wrong, it’s a fine kettle of fish, or a pretty pickle.

If a man is clumsy, he’s butterfingered. If he’s cowardly, he’s chicken livered. If he’s poised, he’s cool as a cucumber. If he’s bald, he’s an egghead. If he talks too much, he spills the beans. If he doesn’t talk, he clams up.

Moreover, he doesn’t earn money, he earns dough or brings home the bacon. And if he’s working for peanuts, his wife may egg him on to butter up the boss.

You may think you deserve an egg in your beer, but if you’re not worth your salt, you may wind up eating humble pie …… and that would be getting your just desserts.

And now, just to ice the cake, I want to say that you may take most claims with a grain of salt.