Eggs & Berries

Eggs & Berries
5 Changi Business Park Central 1
#01-37 Changi City Point

Modern, Healthy Brunch And Desserts

(Ratings: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 = Worst and 10 = Best)
Overall: 7
Ambience & Setting: 7
Food & Beverage: 7
Service: 9
Value for Money: 7
Spent about SGD $25 per person.


Eggs & Berries is a casual, modern cafe, tucked away in a corner of Changi Chity Point mall. Yet another cafe jumping on the trendy brunch obession among Singaporeans? Fortunately, Eggs & Berries has chosen a good location, as they are one of the few cafes offering all-day brunch / breakfast in the east of Singapore.

The ambience at Eggs & Berries is upbeat and retro, with colourful striped chairs and decor. Plants adorn the interior of the cafe, while there is a sort of 'fake' outdoor seating area, in that it's outside the cafe, but not outside the building.

I must commend the thoughtfulness and efficiency of the staff at Eggs & Berries. Each of my visits here have been warmly greeted, food is served quickly and finished tables are cleared promptly. There is a discount for using a certain card for payment, and one instance had my total bill just touching the minimum amount required to use a card (Which is $20 in most Singapore restaurants). Which meant that after giving me a discount, I couldn't make payment by card. The Eggs & Berries staff graciously allowed me to pay in cash, and still gave me the discount. Thumbs up for that!

Food is Western-style breakfast / brunch fare, with some Asian influence. Eggs & Berries offers food that suits the health-conscious, as they have several low-calorie options on the menu. Even the bacon they use is lean, and most dishes are well-balanced meals that aren't oily. They also have several fruit juice concoctions designed as health boosters.

Specialites at Eggs & Berries include their pancakes, crepes, waffles, omelettes, Eggs Benedict, and selection of desserts. Their coffee is rather weak though, and isn't worth ordering.

Update May-2014: Since they renovated the place in 2013, the interior is much more spacious and comfortable, able to seat more guests, yet the furniture is sill far enough apart that you don't hear the next table. The current manager of the place is alert and responsive, quietly observing and immediately responding to customers. Excellent! The menu has been increased, but classic favourites are still on the menu.

Update Jul-2014: Not sure what has happened at Eggs & Berries since my last visit, but it seems they've changed for the worse! The menu has been revamped again, dropping many items, but those that are still on the menu have increased in price! Even a Mocha coffee is no longer being served. Furthermore, I had a horrible experience during my latest visit, as staff seemed to be unattentive and distracted. The chef on duty also isn't the same as the good chef during my last few visits, as the quality of food coming out of the kitchen was poor, and took a really long time to prepare. Based on this, I won't be back again!


The Mango Tango Place Mat advertises one of their new dishes.

Mango Tango Place Mat

The Eggs Benedict (SGD $16.90) here is probably among one of the better ones in Singapore. The yolk is deep yellow and nicely runny, the ham is a thick slice, and the bacon is lean, with very little fat, and will appeal to the health-conscious. I suspect it might be turkey bacon...

Update Jul-2014: The Eggs Benedict is now served with only 1 egg. =(

Eggs Benedict

I thought the Smoked Chicken, Tomato And Cheese Omelette (SGD $15.90) would be light meal. I was so wrong. This was easily the most filling meal I had here, the combination of hash browns / rosti, toast, and melty cheese added up quickly. I only managed to get two-thirds of the way through this dish before I gave up. But the combination of eggs, smoked chicken and fresh tomatoes was delicious!

Smoked Chicken, Tomato And Cheese Omelette

The Sweet Brioche French Toast With Sausage And Scrambled Eggs (SGD $16.90) has eggs that are well scrambled and creamy. The brioche French toast is nicely toasted on one side, and has the right soft and chewy texture for brioche.

Sweet Brioche French Toast With Sausage And Scrambled Eggs

I like that you can choose the sauce to use on your pancakes and waffles. Choose from either Chocolate Sauce, Maple Syrup And Strawberry Sauce.

Chocolate Sauce, Maple Syrup And Strawberry Sauce

The Pink Fish Steak (SGD $19.90) is a rather unusual combination of grilled salmon, poached eggs, salad, and a choice of rice or fries. The salmon was nicely grilled, with a slightly crisp skin, and tender juicy flesh. The rice was well-cooked, slightly sticky in texture similar to Japanese sushi rice, and perfect for soaking up the yolk from the poached egg.

Pink Fish Steak

The Hot Chocolate (SGD $5.50) is rather good, with a slightly rich chocolate taste, but not as thick as I would have liked. The Latte (SGD $5.50) and Flat White (SGD $5.50) are rather weak though, and even the Expresso (SGD $4.50) wasn't as strong as I would have liked. Somewhat below average coffee.

Hot Chocolate



The King Prawn in the Aglio Olio King Prawn Spaghetti (SGD $19.90) looks like it's going to climb out an attack you! But it's so good... the prawn is meaty and fresh, and the cheese adds a nice Italian touch. Pity that the spaghetti was a little too wet for a aglio olio though.

Aglio Olio King Prawn Spaghetti 01

Aglio Olio King Prawn Spaghetti 02

Update May-2014: The Truffle & Mushroom Fries (SGD $9.90) has a nice earthy aroma and taste, but overall, the dish is average. I felt the truffle oil and mushroom flavour could have been more pronounced, and the fries hotter for it to score higher.

Truffle & Mushroom Fries 01

Truffle & Mushroom Fries 02

Update May-2014: The Genie Omelette (SGD $15.90) allows you to choose 3 fillings to be stuffed within the fluffy, warm, eggy omelette. I went with Zucchini, Mushroom, Emmental Cheese. Generous portion and very filling with the crisp brioche toast and smooth mashed potatoes. Together with the fresh salad, this is a value for money dish, and I highly recommend it!

The Genie Omelette - Zucchini, Mushroom, Emmental Cheese 01

The Genie Omelette - Zucchini, Mushroom, Emmental Cheese 02

The Genie Omelette - Zucchini, Mushroom, Emmental Cheese 03

Update Jul-2014: The Chipolata & Egg has increased in price from about SGD $10 to about SGD $17, but the quality has dropped. The chicken sausages are dry and stringy, and the pancakes limp and flat.

Chipolata & Egg

Update Jul-2014: The Grilled Chicken Leg has also increased in price from about SGD $17 to about SGD $19, but the portion of chicken has gotten smaller. Now it's cooked terribly, dry and tough. The spice rub is still tasty though. The worst mistake was the poached egg, which was hard boiled. Unforgivable!!

Grilled Chicken Leg