Wrap & Roll

Wrap & Roll
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2 Orchard Turn
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1 Lower Kent Ridge Road
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Upscale Versions Of Vietnamese Street Food

(Ratings: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 = Worst and 10 = Best)
Overall: 7
Ambience & Setting: 7
Food & Beverage: 9
Service: 6
Value for Money: 6
Spent about SGD $17 per person.


Wrap & Roll is a popular upscale cafe from Vietnam that serves traditional Vietnamese street food in a modern, comfortable and casual setting. Wrap & Roll is best known for their use of fresh ingredients imported from Vietnam, and the 'Roll-It-Yourself' dishes which provide a fun and entertaining meal experience.

Dining at Wrap & Roll is supposed to be an experience, as you're able to watch your food being prepared through the open kitchen concept, as well as work on creating your meal with their 'Roll-It-Yourself' dishes. Ambience is modern, simple and casual.

Service at Wrap & Roll is quietly efficient, but not particulary outstanding or memorable. Staff are knowledgeable and able to advise on how to make / consume each dish, or how to pair the different types of dipping sauces with the food.

Besides the DIY dishes, there are other ready to eat dishes available on the Wrap & Roll menu. I find that portions are relatively small for the price range, and not so value for money, possibly due to the cost of importing ingredients. However, each dish is packed full of flavour, and the food at Wrap & Roll is generally tasty and delicious. Their grilled meats are cooked perfectly and are outstanding, I highly recommend them!

Wrap & Roll is a unique and novel dining experience, with fresh and tasty food. It's worth a visit!


Wrap & Roll Interior

Wrap & Roll Menu 01

Wrap & Roll Menu 02

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Wrap & Roll Instructions

During my visit, the Vietnamese Iced Chrysanthemum Tea was complimentary due to a promotion.

Vietnamese Iced Chrysanthemum Tea

The classic Vietnamese Dripping Coffee is strongly bitter, fragrant, and full bodied. They do provide some sugar on the side if you find it too strong. But I like how entertaining it is.

Vietnamese Dripping Coffee 01

Vietnamese Dripping Coffee 02

The classic Vietnamese appetizer eaten in the summer, the Fresh Spring Rolls With Prawns And Pork is a healthy dish that is paired with a sweet and spicy hoisin / seafood dipping sauce.

Gỏi Cuốn / Fresh Spring Rolls With Prawns And Pork

Spring Rolls Dipping Sauce

A sort of tasting platter, the Taste Of Saigon combines 2 popular appetizers, Crispy Prawn Pancakes And Traditional Deep Fried Spring Rolls. During our visit, the Deep Fried Spring Rolls were sold out, so the staff replaced it with Vietnamese Vegetarian Samosa. Each appetizer is paired with its own dipping sauce, the Crispy Prawn Pancakes had a salty and savoury soy maggi sauce, while the Vietnamese Vegetarian Samosa had a sweet and spicy chili sauce. 

Đặc Sản Cuốn Sài Gòn, Bánh Ướt Chả Tôm, Chả Giò Chay / Taste Of Saigon - Crispy Prawn Pancakes And Traditional Deep Fried Spring Rolls Replaced With Vietnamese Vegetarian Samosa

More Dipping Sauces

Cha Gio Nam / Deep Fried Spring Rolls With Pork And Seafood

Stir Fried 'Pho' Noodles With Beef is a filling dish made with sheets of thick rice noodles, wok fried with vegetables and beef, similar to a Chinese-style Hor Fun, except with less gravy. The chef was able to infuse the noodles with flavour, resulting in a tasty and satisfying dish.

Phở Bò Xào / Stir Fried 'Pho' Noodles With Beef

The Grilled Pork Chop Rice With Salted Egg Pudding has 2 outstanding components. Firstly, a perfectly grilled, well-marinated pork chop that was absolutely delicious and addictive. Secondly, the Salted Egg Pudding, which is more like a meat cake than a pudding. Made with minced pork, rice vermicelli and a salted egg, it resembles a Chinese Moon Cake. Rather unusual combination of flavours, but it works really well together, and I found myself wishing more stalls would sell this as an appetizer or side dish!

Com Suon Nuong / Grilled Pork Chop Rice With Salted Egg Pudding

Salted Egg Pudding

Com Suon Nuong Grilled Pork Chop Rice With Salted Egg Pudding Again

While you can choose to have the Sweet Bananas & Sago In Coconut Milk either served warm or chilled, I personally prefer the warm version. The coconut milk has been reduced to a slightly thick, rich paste, almost similar in consistency to other Asian desserts like Almond Paste or Walnut Paste. The bananas added a sweet, fruity flavour to the dish, although it would have been sweeter if the bananas were slightly more ripe. Nice, but quite rich!

Chè Chuối / Sweet Bananas & Sago In Coconut Milk

Love the freshness and lightness of the Bun Thit Nuong Cha Gio / Rice Noodles With Grilled Pork And Deep Fried Spring Rolls. The grilled pork adds a nice savoury element, while the fresh bean sprouts and fried spring rolls add a crunch to the texture. Lovely!

Bun Thit Nuong Cha Gio / Rice Noodles With Grilled Pork And Deep Fried Spring Rolls