Shashlik Restaurant

Shashlik Restaurant
545 Orchard Road
#06-19 Far East Shopping Centre

Simple Russian Classics Done Well

(Ratings: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 = Worst and 10 = Best)
Overall: 7
Ambience & Setting: 5
Food & Beverage: 8
Service: 7
Value for Money: 7
Spent about SGD $35 per person.


Probably the most well-known restaurant for serving Russian food in Singapore, Shashlik Restaurant has been around for years, at the top floor of Far East Shopping Centre.

As with most Russian restaurants in Singapore, the chefs were originally Hainanese, and they've slightly modified and influenced the traditional Russian recipes. As such, Shashlik Restaurant veers away from the traditional Russian ingredients in its dishes, though the look and feel of the final dish is typical Russian.

Ambience at Shashlik Restaurant is minimal, and the interior is dimly lit. While nice for romantic dinners, the overall decor is rather dated and unappealing.

Service at Shashlik Restaurant is well worth the 10% service charge, because they practice table-side service, where the final preparation for your food is prepared right in front of you before serving. However, staff could be slightly more friendly and engage you in conversation, because performing table-side service while silent is rather odd. Overall though, service at Shashlik Restaurant is efficient and quick.

Shashlik Restaurant offers many popular Russian dishes, with a Hainanese influence. Food is generally tasty, with specialties being beef and lamb, but slightly high-priced for its quality. Presentation of food can be rather unattractive too.


The Shashlik Of Beef is served table-side, although I find the final presentation rather unappealing. The beef is tender, though slightly gamey. But my biggest complaint is that it was seasoned with too much salt. It's served with Sides Of Cucumber, Tomato, Hard Boiled Egg, Potato Salad, Pickled Cabbage, Gherkin And Spring Onion.

Shashlik Of Beef With Sides Of Cucumber, Tomato, Hard Boiled Egg, Potato Salad, Pickled Cabbage, Gherkin And Spring Onion

Shashlik Of Beef

Sides Of Cucumber, Tomato, Hard Boiled Egg, Potato Salad, Pickled Cabbage, Gherkin And Spring Onion

This Fish Solianka (Solyanka Soup) is nothing like the traditional Russian Solyanka Soup. On its own though, it's a pretty food fish soup, with chunks of spanish mackerel fish (Batang), cubes of cucumbers and slices of hard boiled egg. It isn't thick and sour like the traditional Russian version, and doesn't contain cabbage or mushrooms.

Fish Solianka (Solyanka Soup)

The Borsch Soup With Sour Cream has cabbage, potatoes, beef and sour cream in a tomato-base soup. While tasty, warm and comforting, it differs from the traditional Borsch Soup as it doesn't contain beetroot and isn't cold.

Borsch Soup With Sour Cream

The Russian Salad (Oleaviea Salad) served here is a de-constructed version of the original Oleaviea Salad / Russian Salad. Consisting of a potato salad with diced carrots and peas, pickled cabbage / sauerkraut, onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, hard boiled egg, spring onion and gherkin. It doesn't contain cream like the traditional version.

Russian Salad (Oleaviea Salad)

The Beef Stroganoff has tender, well-seasoned slices of beef in a savoury brown beef sauce, with pickled cabbage on the side. The Hainanese influence shows itself in the surprisingly well-cooked rice.

Beef Stroganoff

Legend tells of a Russian Tzar who wanted veal cutlets, but the chef had no more veal, and substituted chicken meat instead. Thus the Russian dish of Chicken Pozharsky (Pozharsky Chicken Cutlet) was invented. While the traditional Russian receipe uses ground / minced chicken formed into a cutlet, then covered in butter and bread crumbs and deep fried, the version here skips the bread crumbs, and instead pan grills the cutlet instead. Tasty, but as with most other dishes here, is a little over seasoned with salt.

Chicken Pozharsky (Pozharsky Chicken Cutlet)

I'm not entirely sure if I'm supposed to feel like a millionaire after consuming this dish called Egg Millionaire. But I applaud the skills it takes to cut 2 eggs neatly through the middle without cracking too much of the shell, then spoon the eggs scrambled with bacon back into the shells for a neat presentation. Love it!

Egg Millionaire

A complimentary serving of Bread Bun And Butter accompanies every meal, although this practice is more prevalent in European countries than Russia. However, the bread / bun served is the typical Hainanese style bun, also commonly served in Hawker Western Food stalls.

Bread Bun And Butter