Botejyu San

Botejyu San
260 Orchard Road
#04-01 Plaza Singapura

1 Vista Exchange Green
#02-21 The Star Vista

Specialist In Okonomiyaki

(Ratings: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 = Worst and 10 = Best)
Overall: 6
Ambience & Setting: 6
Food & Beverage: 6
Service: 6
Value for Money: 6
Spent about SGD $28 per person.


Botejyu San is a Japanese concept restaurant which specialises in the Japanese savoury pancakes Okonomiyaki and Modanyaki. Their name Botejyu San refers to the delicious sound of a pancake being flipped and sizzling on a hot grill.

Ambience at Botejyu San is rather dull and understated, though they do offer a good view of the surrounding parks. Lights are dim, and furniture is rather cramped and dated. Botejyu San is also tucked away in a corner of the mall, and not easily spotted when passing by.

Service is rather average at Botejyu San. While staff are attentive, there aren't many of them around, and getting their attention may take some time as they'll be attending to other diners as well. Due to the small floor space they occupy, you might have to wait around 10 - 20 minutes for a table at Botejyu San during peak periods.

As a niche concept restaurant, food at Botejyu San is largely prepared on the teppan grill, and are mostly variations of Okonomiyaki and Modanyaki with various fillings. They also offer tasty Japanese garlic fried rice with a choice of meat / seafood. I find their food to be well seasoned and generally flavourful, and the chef has good skill with the teppan grill, as you'll be able to taste the smoky, savoury flavour in the food.

Prices at Botejyu San are within the affordable range, with an average meal costing about SGD $20 - $25 per person. They are affiliated with Fruit Paradise next door, and you can order items from there as well.


A Okonomiyaki is a traditional Japanese savoury pancake, that is made with flour, filled with your choice of ingredients, and wrapped with egg. Their Okonomiyaki With Squid, Shrimp, Scallops was grilled nicely, and the sauce art was beautifully done. The seafood was fresh, and well portioned throughout.

Okonomiyaki With Squid, Shrimp, Scallops

The Chicken Steak Garlic Rice had a nice savoury and salty taste to the rice, which looked like it had absorbed the sauce and stock it was cooked in. Fragrant and flavourful. But I thought they could have given more pieces of chicken.

Chicken Steak Garlic Rice

The Soft Shell Crab Salad has fresh and crisp lettuce, and the soft shell crab had been fried perfectly, not soggy or oily.

Soft Shell Crab Salad

A slice of Seasonal Fruit Tart with 9 types of fresh fruits, and I liked the sponge cake and cream within as well. The citrus sauce didn't add much, as the fruits already provided a lot of flavour.

Seasonal Fruit Tart / Mixed Fruit Tart 01

Seasonal Fruit Tart / Mixed Fruit Tart 02


Update Jul-2016: After 3 years, I return to find that Botejyu San is somehow, still around. They've largely remained average all these years, with decent ambience and service, which I guess has sustained them. But their food is only passable at best, no better than a Singapore food court, being edible but average. However, prices are restaurant standards, which makes them poor value for money and expensive. I find it very frustrating to dine here, because I'm wasting both stomach space and calories. With the booming food scene in Singapore, Botejyu San has since been outclassed by many other Japanese restaurants, and unless they improve drastically, their time is limited.

Their signature dish, which remains as good as ever, is the Okonomiyaki Japanese Pancake. The Okonomiyaki Moonlight Pork (SGD $12.90) is large, with a nice runny egg on top, and a savoury sweet flavour. However, I couldn't actually find any pork within... only really thin slices of pork belly. The pancake of all-purpose flour, nagaimo / Chinese yam, dashi, eggs, shredded cabbage, and katsuobushi / bonito flakes, was satisfiying and filling! Good!

Okonomiyaki Moonlight Pork (SGD $12.90)

Okonomiyaki Moonlight Pork

The Combo Set Seafood (SGD $18.90) is a hearty meal, with rice, miso soup, and a hot plate of salmon fish fillet, clams, squid, and shrimp, along with sides of grilled carrot, snow peas, instant mashed potato, and corn. Passable.

Combo Set Seafood (SGD $18.90)

Combo Set Seafood

The Combo Set Steak (SGD $20.90) is a hearty meal, with rice, miso soup, and a hot plate of salmon fish fillet, beef, and chicken, along with sides of grilled carrot, snow peas, instant mashed potato, and corn. Chicken was overly salty, but the beef was nice with a savoury taste and tender texture. Passable.

Combo Set Steak (SGD $20.90)

Combo Set Steak