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Fashionable And Durable Flip Flops

(Ratings: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 = Worst and 10 = Best)
Overall: 9
Product Lifespan: 6 - 12 Months
Product Quality: 9
Value for Money: 8
Spent about SGD $50 per person.


Havaianas is a popular flip flop / slipper brand from Brazil, despite its name being a reference to Hawaii, America. The original design for Havaianas was inspired by a traditional Japanese footwear called a Zori, which was made with rice straw soles and fabric straps. Today, Havaianas incoporates a textured rice pattern into its flip flops as a tribute to their inspiration.

The appeal of Havaianas lies with their incredible range of colours, designs, and patterns, with something for every taste. Designs for Havaianas are also rotated quite frequently, with inspirations drawn from beach culture, street culture, youth culture, sports culture, or pop culture. Rubber is the material used in producing a pair of Havaianas.

Another part of their appeal is the range of sizes, catering to all types of foot size, which ensures you're able to find a pair that can comfortably fit you. Havaianas are also known to be quite durable for a flip flop / slipper, as the typical life span is 6 to 12 months (or 2600 km), and the straps don't loosen easily, even with daily use.

Prices for a pair of Havaianas typically costs more than other brands of flip flops / slippers. A pair for men costs around SGD $30 - $50, while a pair for ladies costs around SGD $30 - $80. For more designs, visit Zalora Singapore.

As a company, Havaianas is eco-friendly. Any scraps of rubber used during their production process will be recycled and used to make a new pair of flip flops.


Model Aloha White

Model Brasil Yellow

Model Brasil Flag

Model Top Mix Black

Model Top Mix White