For The Love Of Laundry (FTLOL)

For The Love Of Laundry (FTLOL)
31 Club Street #01-01
11am - 8pm Mon - Fri, 9am - 6pm Sat, Closed Sun

101 Thomson Road
#01-18A United Square
11am - 8pm Daily

1 Raffles Place
#01-63 One Raffles Place Tower 2
8am - 6pm Mon - Fri, Closed Sat & Sun

1 Nassim Road #01-05
9am - 6pm Mon - Sat, Closed Sun

Efficient, Premium Laundry Services With A Heart

(Ratings: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 = Worst and 10 = Best)
Overall: 8
Estimated Turn Around Duration (Normal): 4 - 5 Days
Estimated Turn Around Duration (Express): 1 - 2 Days
Service: 8
Value for Money: 7
Spent about SGD $50 per person.


Founded by 4 young entrepreneurs, For The Love Of Laundry (FTLOL) is a premium laundry service and dry cleaning service provider in Singapore. For The Love Of Laundry (FTLOL) has a unique selling point; they use an all natural liquid silicon, similar to bath soap / shampoo, that is both environmentally friendly, and supposedly has better cleansing power while still being gentle on clothes.

Laundry services at For The Love Of Laundry (FTLOL) includes washing, drying, and ironing. Prices range from SGD $4 to $10 per piece for standard clothing such as shirt, trousers, blouse or dresses, or from SGD $7 per kilo. Prices for household linen range from SGD $2 to $20 per piece, or from SGD $7 per kilo. Additional charges apply for delicate materials. Their specialty however, is cleaning couture garments, expensive suits and delicate or unusual items, rather than just standard clothing.

Dry cleaning services at For The Love Of Laundry (FTLOL) cost about SGD $6 to $12 for standard clothing, and about SGD $4 to $24 for household linen. I find that prices at For The Love Of Laundry (FTLOL) are about 10% - 20% higher than most other laundry services in Singapore, however, they also perform better cleaning, stain removal, and delivery services as compared to others. Because of this, several luxury brands, including Hermes, are reported to recommend them to their customers.

Garments are thoroughly inspected by For The Love Of Laundry (FTLOL) staff when received, to determine the type of fabric, and the best possible cleaning method. In general, they are more than able to handle stains from wine, ink or gravy, though certain food stains are more challenging for them to remove completely.

For The Love Of Laundry (FTLOL) offers both self-collection and island wide delivery throughout Singapore. However, a delivery fee of SGD $8 applies, unless your order is above SGD $40, in which case, it's free. For express services of between 1 - 2 days, an additional charge applies as well. A regular turn around time for laundry is typically about 4 - 5 days. Payment is made upon delivery. For The Love Of Laundry (FTLOL) also caters to corporates.

In essence, For The Love Of Laundry (FTLOL) provides a useful premium cleaning service, which serves the luxury clothing / goods market or unusual item market. Besides supporting the environmentally friendly movement through their use of an all natural liquid silicon cleaning solution, For The Love Of Laundry (FTLOL) also supports Riverkids, a Singapore charity that works to prevent child trafficking in Cambodia. For every hanger returned, For The Love Of Laundry (FTLOL) will donate 5 cents, and all their shops also serve as collection centres for lightly used children's clothes.