Guangzhou Shops

Guangzhou Shops

Some examples of the shops in Guangzhou, whether along the streets or within the shopping malls.

Gialen Cosmetics

Some notable ones include:
Aeon, a supermarket which first opened in Guangzhou in 2010, and now has other stores throughout China
China Welfare Lottery, a nationwide lottery store
El Vivo Cai Huo, a local Guangzhou beauty and wellness pharmacy store
Guangzhou Friendship Store, a state run department store, which initially sold only to politicians, military and government officials of China, but is now open to the public
Guangzhou JiuJia Restaurant, a famous restaurant in the city centre of Guangzhou, famed for its traditional and authentic Cantonese cuisine
Iwode, an upmarket clothing and tailoring store known across China for its quality clothing
Kungfu Zhen Gong Fu, a franchise throughout China that specialises in Chinese fast food, and uses the iconic persona of Bruce Lee for its logo
Total Fitness Club, consistently ranked as among the best fitness centres in Guangzhou, offering gymnasiums, aerobics classes, dance classes, and more
Wonder Shape, a local Guangzhou retail store that specialises in traditional Chinese clothing, furniture and decor with designs inspired from all over China
Miniso, a low-cost variety store franchise that specializes in household and consumer goods including cosmetics, stationery, toys, and kitchenware