Top 5 Auckland Attractions

Top 5 Auckland Attractions

City: Auckland
State: North Island
Country: New Zealand

Auckland is the most populated city in New Zealand, and functions as the commercial capital of the North Island. With the largest Polynesian population in the world, located on an isthmus near several volcanoes, and with a temperate climate, Auckland has a diverse cultural and naturalist scene. In Maori, Auckland is known as Akarana or Tamaki Makaurau. Many attractions in Auckland revolve around nature or sporting activities.

Here are the Top 5 Tourist Attractions to visit in Auckland, all of which hold important cultural or historical significance. All these are permanent locations which can be visited and viewed at any time throughout the year.

1. Sky Tower


Sky Tower (Purchased Stock Image)

Standing at 328 metres high, the Sky Tower in down town Auckland is an iconic structure in the city's skyline, and includes 3 observation decks at different heights, offering views of Auckland of up to 82 km in the distance. The Sky Tower also houses the only revolving restaurant in New Zealand. Also located here is the Sky City shopping mall and casino, as well as Sky Jump, a bungee jump activity. At night, the Sky Tower is illuminated, and the type of lighting use for the tower changes depending on the season or event. On normal days, the Sky Tower is illuminated in the 'Auckland Blue' colour.

2. Mount Eden

Mount Eden (Purchased Stock Image)

As the highest non man-made point in Auckland, Mount Eden offers great views in all directions. Mount Eden is actually a dormant former New Zealand volcano, and part of the appeal is to take the heritage and nature walk, allowing you to view the various craters, flora and fauna of the area. Also located at Mount Eden are 2 war memorial gates, and a war memorial hall.

3. Auckland War Memorial Museum

Auckland War Memorial Museum (Purchased Stock Image)

The Auckland War Memorial Museum, also known as The Auckland Museum, is among the most important museums in New Zealand, as it traces the history and development of the country, as well as its military history and involvement in war. The Auckland War Memorial Museum houses a large collection of Maori and Pacific Island artefacts, which include entire indigenous buildings, and over 1 million natural history specimens.

4. Museum Of Transport And Technology

Museum Of Transport And Technology (Purchased Stock Image)

The Museum Of Transport And Technology in Auckland houses a large collection of civilian and military aircraft and land vehicles used in New Zealand, including railway locomotives, trams, buses, bombers, and fighter jets. Also located near the Museum Of Transport And Technology is the Auckland Zoo, and the Western Springs Park.

5. Albert Park

Albert Park (Purchased Stock Image)

Albert Park is a scenic park in Auckland, famed for appearing on many postcards of New Zealand. Iconic structures in Albert Park include the Band Rotunda, the cast iron Fountain, the large Floral Clock, and the bronze statue of Queen Victoria. Albert Park also has several other statues and memorials scattered throughout the interior.