The Scoop Place

The Scoop Place
6 Changi Business Park Avenue 1
#01-25 UE BizHub East

Creative Adult Ice Cream

(Ratings: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 = Worst and 10 = Best)
Overall: 8
Ambience & Setting: 6
Food & Beverage: 9
Service: 8
Value for Money: 9
Spent about SGD $5 per person.


The Scoop Place is a tiny artisinal ice cream parlour in Changi Business Hub, known for their Adult ice cream. Why adult? Because they combine various alcohols with fruity ice cream flavours!

The Scoop Place does have a dine in area, albeit rather small. Furniture is small, but functional, and the open concept lends a sense of space. There is some quirky decor, but the main attraction is their 2 displays of ice cream flavours.

Service at The Scoop Place tends to be friendly and personal. Most of the staff are young part time students, who fulfill orders rather quickly. There is some waiting time if you order waffles though, a good 10 - 15 minutes.

The Scoop Place generally has about 10 - 15 ice cream flavours available daily. They have a wider range of alcohol infused ice cream flavours than most other major brands! I also like that the texture of their ice cream is rather hardy, and doesn't melt too easily.


The Brandy Apricot Ice Cream Cone (SGD $3.90), with the flavours of brandy combined with the sweetness of apricot. A rather tropical tasting ice cream, this goes down a treat!

Brandy Apricot Ice Cream Cone

The Mango Coconut Lime Ice Cream (SGD $3.70), besides its straightforward name, actually has quite a complex taste. The sweet mango hits you at the forefront, then gives way to the taste of coconut in the middle, which lingers till near the end. There is a slight hint of sour tangyness of the lime throughout, but is more pronounced at the end. Creative flavour, rather interesting taste, definitely a must-try!

Mango Coconut Lime Ice Cream 01

Mango Coconut Lime Ice Cream 02

The Lavender Vanilla Ice Cream Cone (SGD $3) has a slight hint of the fragrant essence of lavender, but the vanilla flavour is somewhat muted. The texture also feels somewhat closer to milk than vanilla. Decent though.

Lavender Vanilla Ice Cream Cone

The Pandan Milo Ice Cream (SGD $3) is an odd idea, but surprisingly tasty! The fragrant essence of pandan / screwpine leaves lend a floral aroma, while the milo imparts a light chocolate flavour. Better than we thought it'll be, and worth a try!

Pandan Milo Ice Cream 01

Pandan Milo Ice Cream 02

The combination of 2 strong flavours in the Coffee Guinness (SGD $3.90) is punchy, but complements each other well. Like a shot of energy, the coffee is aromatic, mixed with the slight bitterness of the Guinness stout. You'll be wide awake for awhile after this!

Coffee Guinness Ice Cream

The Strawberry Rose (SGD $3) has that fragrant aroma of floral essence from the rose infused ice cream. The taste of strawberries is pleasant, not overwhelming. Nicely balanced without being cliche!

Strawberry Rose Ice Cream

The unique Osmanthus Apricot (SGD $3.70) has chunks of sweet apricot studded within the ice cream, which complements the mild fragrance of the osmanthus. Rather delicate in flavour, this experimental ice cream is well executed.

Osmanthus Apricot Ice Cream

The Maple Almond (SGD $3.70) has a strong nutty flavour from the almonds, somewhat overwhelming the much more delicate flavour of maple syrup. There's quite a generous portion of chopped almonds as well. Decent enough.

Maple Almond Ice Cream

The Frangelico Hazelnut (SGD $3.90) has a sweet, nutty flavour, almost delicate in nature. You first get the taste of the frangelico liqueur, followed by the delicate, floral nutty flavour. Studded with caramelised hazelnuts, which lend a crunch to texture, as well as a burst of sweetness. Unique!

Frangelico Hazelnut Ice Cream

Loved the deep, rich flavour of the Chocolate With Marshmallow (SGD $3). Studded with sweet gooey bits of marshmallow, which complements the almost floral essence of the rich chocolate. Excellent!

Chocolate With Marshmallow Ice Cream