Fatboy's The Burger Bar

Fatboy's The Burger Bar
187 Upper Thomson Road

465 Joo Chiat Road

122 Pasir Panjang Road

14 Scotts Road
#01-16A Far East Plaza


Build Your Own Burgers With The Burger Grand Daddy

(Ratings: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 = Worst and 10 = Best)
Overall: 7
Ambience & Setting: 7
Food & Beverage: 7
Service: 7
Value for Money: 8
Spent about SGD $22 per person.


Fatboy's The Burger Bar is among the first burger concept restaurants in Singapore, having first opened its doors in 2009. Known for their wide variety of ingredients and creative burger toppings, Fatboy's The Burger Bar is especially loved for their 'Create-Your-Own-Burger' concept. Sadly, most of their modern day competitors seem to have caught up, and even surpassed them, in terms of overall taste and quality of burgers.

Ambience at Fatboy's The Burger Bar is styled after the typical American diner, with white and black checkerboard patterns and garish, loud red for contrast. Walls are adorned with whimical artwork. Furniture is well laid out in a grid pattern, mostly featuring benches or bar stools. I dislike the dim interior lighting though, as well as the relatively open concept of the place, as high ambient temperatures make it rather warm at times.

Service at Fatboy's The Burger Bar is decent. Staff are young part-timers mostly, and while they are friendly and knowledgable on the menu, able to make recommendations or recite special offers, their service isn't that memorable or special. Functional service at best, could be a lot better.

Food at Fatboy's The Burger Bar focuses on American diner style food such as deep fried items, sandwiches, with the star item being burgers. With 3 types of burger buns, 5 types of meat patties, 20 types of toppings, and 10 types of sauces, there is nearly an endless combination of burgers you can create at Fatboy's The Burger Bar.

Alternatively, choose from one of the ready-made recipes on the menu. Prices at Fatboy's The Burger Bar are lower than most of their competitors, and very affordable. However, overall taste and quality is only slightly above average at best. Can you get tastier burgers elsewhere? Yes. Ultimately, I would probably only visit if I was nearby, and I certainly won't go out of my way just to dine here.


The Jamaican Me Hungry (SGD $13) was probably the weakest burger I had here. Nowhere close to an authentic Jamaican dish, the jerk seasoned bacon stuffed pork patty actually manages to be low on flavour, and tasted slightly weird, tangy and sour but in an unpleasant way. And while I loved the sundried tomatoes and homemade fresh coleslaw with mayonnaise on a tasty sesame seed bun, the bacon strips were limp, and didn't add much to the dish. Skip.

Jamaican Me Hungry 01

Jamaican Me Hungry 02

Jamaican Me Hungry 03

There isn't a wide variety of beer here, but it's among the most affordable!

Beer Pure Blond

Beer Hoegaarden 01

Beer Hoegaarden 02

I quite like the Bolly Wooly (SGD $11), with its tasty and juicy lamb patty, homemade curry remoulade that has a slight spicy kick, and sweet mango chutney on a honey oat bun. With its tropical taste, this makes for a great summer burger.

Bolly Wooly 01

Bolly Wooly 02

Bolly Wooly 03

I loved the Swiss Shroom (SGD $13.80), featuring a juicy, tender, beef chuck patty, which isn't too tightly packed or dense. The sauteed shiitake mushrooms add a yummy burst of flavour, and the garlic aioli on a whole meal bun enhance the overall taste. The melted swiss cheese isn't really melted though, as this firm cheese just kind of blankets the burger rather than enveloping it.

Swiss Shroom 01

Swiss Shroom 02

Swiss Shroom 03

A house special, the home made Beer Battered Onion Rings (SGD $7.50) are excellent! Thickly sliced, fresh onions are battered in a savoury beer and herb batter, deep fried till crisp, then served with a homemade BBQ / barbecue sauce that is tangy and slightly sweet. Highly recommended!

Beer Battered Onion Rings


Update Apr-2016: Returned to Fatboy's The Burger Bar after 2 years, and I find that the menu has been expanded! They now offer more options, and the food remains consistently decent in both taste, large portion size, and execution. The ambience and service at Fatboy's The Burger Bar has also largely remained the same, being passable.

They now offer Beer Guinness Draught Surger (SGD $14) on the menu, along with other new beverages! Tasting of malt and roast grains, this drink is bitter sweet in taste, with a long, smooth texture.

Beer Guinness Draught Surger (SGD $14)

The towering potential heart attack on a plate burger, The Yolo (SGD $17.50), is aptly named. Fluffy, soft sesame seed burger buns encase a thick, juicy, meaty beef patty (or pork or lamb), topped with fried sunny side up egg, fried spam luncheon meat, fried onion strings, 2 mozzarella cheese sticks, and a smoked chipotle sauce that has a wonderful fragrance and a smoky, savoury sweet taste. Incredibly unhealthy, yet so satisfiying!

The Yolo (SGD $17.50)

The Yolo

The Yolo