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Artease Artists Tease Teas

(Ratings: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 = Worst and 10 = Best)
Overall: 8
Ambience & Setting: 7
Food & Beverage: 8
Service: 7
Value for Money: 9
Spent about SGD $12 per person.


Artease promises a uniquely Singaporean cafe experience, serving up artisinal, great tasting, unique yet playful sandwiches, cakes and teas. Founded in 2009, Artease has since grown to become a franchise, yet still maintains the high quality of food it started with.

Bucking the trend of location, Artease outlets tend to be located away from major shopping malls, usually close to a heartland housing estate. Despite the name, there is very little art within Artease. With a minimalist concept, clean lines, natural lighting, and functional and modern looking furniture, Artease also draws eyes with its attractive sandwich poster and eye catching display of cakes.

Artease is semi self-service, with ordering and payment made at the counter, and staff serving your orders to your table. I find staff to be friendly, knowledgeable and able to make recommendations on the menu, as well as offering suggestions on various combination meal / sets. I also love that you can choose your own sugar level for tea / coffee, although I feel that 25% sugar is usually sufficient for me.

Artease has a limited scope of menu, mostly focusing on sandwiches, cakes, and teas / coffee. As an artisinal tea cafe, you'll get flavours of tea at Artease that you won't get anywhere else, at a much more competitive (lower) price than most major coffee brands. This alone is reason enough to visit Artease, but even better, they make their own cakes in-house, with just as much creativity in flavour and concept.


Find happiness at Artease? Sure!

Artease Happiness

Tea Cup

The Yuzu Green Tea (SGD $4) has the smooth, elegant taste of green tea, with the zesty citrus zing of yuzu pulp. Slightly sweet, refreshing, and floral. Very good!

Yuzu Green Tea

The unique Cinnamon Milk Tea (SGD $4) has the sweet essence of cinnamon sugar, with the smooth texture of milk tea. I like the lingering sweet note on the palate, and the fragrant aroma wafting from the mug.

Cinnamon Milk Tea

The Salted Caramel Milk Tea (SGD $4) is perfectly balanced in taste. Not overly salty and not overly sweet, I can taste the layers of salted caramel apart from the smooth milk tea. Very good!

Salted Caramel Milk Tea

Loved the aromatic floral essence of the Wolfberry And Red Date Tea (SGD $3.50), with just the right balance of sweetness without being overpowering. Smooth and clean taste, but it got a little hard to drink near the end because of the herbs and red date slices at the bottom of the cup.

Wolfberry And Red Date Tea

The Sandwich Grilled Cheese & Apple Cinnamon (SGD $4.50) combines the best of sweet and savoury, with perfectly caramelised apples, infused with sweet cinnamon sugar, and melty grilled cheese in a perfectly toasted sandwich. Lovely, either as a snack, dessert, or light bite.

Sandwich Grilled Cheese & Apple Cinnamon 01

Sandwich Grilled Cheese & Apple Cinnamon 02

The Sandwich Grilled Cheese & Ham (SGD $4.50) is a classic comfort food, done well. The cheese just melts off the perfectly toasted sandwich, forming gooey strings that pull away. The ham is a thin slice, but lends the savoury taste to the overall dish. Excellent!

Sandwich Grilled Cheese & Ham 01

Sandwich Grilled Cheese & Ham 02

Sandwich Grilled Cheese & Ham 03

I like that I can taste the distinct layers of flavour in the Sandwich Grilled Cheese & Honey Mustard Chicken (SGD $4.50), with the sour tang of mustard, to the savoury slices of moist chicken meat, to the warm grilled cheese. Very good sandwich!

Sandwich Grilled Cheese & Honey Mustard Chicken 01

Sandwich Grilled Cheese & Honey Mustard Chicken 02

Love the zesty zing of the Lemon Bar (SGD $2.50), with its intense sour citrus taste of lemon. The consistency is similar to fudge, but not as sweet, and a lemon infused biscuit crumb base that is almost similar in texture.

Lemon Bar

The Blueberry Tofu Cheesecake (SGD $5) is an in-house speciality at the Serangoon Central outlet. The texture is very light, much lighter and less rich than a regular cheesecake. But you can still taste the cheese, and the blueberries add a burst of fruity flavour. Very good!

Blueberry Tofu Cheesecake

The Salted Caramel Brownie (SGD $4) has the rich, deep taste of chocolate brownie. The texture of the cake is dense with a sticky, crumbly consistency, and the salted caramel appears to be a thin layer spread across the top. Pretty good brownie on its own, but the addition of such a little layer of salted caramel doesn't enhance the taste much. Might be better if the salted caramel were infused into the brownie instead.

Salted Caramel Brownie

The Apple Crumble Bar (SGD $4) has the spot on flavour of caramelised apple pie! The crumble has a satisfying crunch, while the caramelised apple is nicely sweet. I only thought that the single layer of apple slices was too thin, would be better with a slightly thicker layer of apples.

Apple Crumble Bar