Tai Sun (Lim Kee) Food Industries

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Tai Sun (Lim Kee) Food Industries

Founded in 1966 by Mr. Lim Jit Siong and his wife Ms. Han Yew Lang, Tai Sun (Lim Kee) Food Industries is a born-and-bred Singaporean family business, known for their tasty and affordable Potato Chips, Assorted Nuts, and Dried Fruit snacks.

Tai Sun (Lim Kee) Food Industries is a closely knit family business, currently run by the 2nd and 3rd generations. The brand has consistently scored highly on taste of their products, as well as brand awareness.

Enjoyed by snack food lovers internationally, Tai Sun (Lim Kee) Food Industries focuses on "Goodness In Everything", constantly keeping up with the times, improving on their production methods, overall quality and taste of their Potato Chips, Assorted Nuts and Dried Fruit snacks, and packaging design. Find them at http://www.taisun.com.sg/.

Treatz Original

Treatz Lime & Black Pepper

Treatz Wasabi

UCA Cassava Chips Hot & Spicy

UCA Cassava Chips Grill Barbecue

Nuts Cocktail

Nuts Oriental Mix


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