Hanoi Vietnamese Restaurant

Hanoi Vietnamese Restaurant
100 Tras Street
#03-13 100AM Mall

Authentic North Vietnamese Dishes

(Ratings: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 = Worst and 10 = Best)
Overall: 8
Ambience & Setting: 8
Food & Beverage: 8
Service: 8
Value for Money: 6
Spent about SGD $34 per person.


Owned and operated by Vietnamese staff and chefs, Hanoi Vietnamese Restaurant has attracted rave reviews for serving up tasty, authentic, and sometimes lesser known North Vietnamese / Hanoi dishes.

Beautifully decorated with imported Vietnamese artwork and traditional shaped lanterns, Hanoi Vietnamese Restaurant exudes an elegant ambience. While interior lighting is dim, the furniture is comfortable and well spaced throughout. Artwork reflect slices of life, and even the staff are dressed in traditional costume.

Though staff are mostly Vietnamese, they can converse pretty well in English. Hanoi Vietnamese Restaurant has a wide range of dishes on its menu, and staff are able to make recommendations on popular items. I find them to be quite helpful and proactive in offering assistance.

Prices at Hanoi Vietnamese Restaurant are slightly high as compared to other Vietnamese restaurants, but the high quality of dishes produced justify the cost. Generally, I find dishes to be very tasty, made using very fresh ingredients. Because Hanoi Vietnamese Restaurant focuses more on Hanoi style dishes, there is an abundant use of steaming or stir frying, along with lots of beef, vegetables, herbs, and seafood.


The interior is tastefully decorated without being over the top, but I dislike the dim lighting.

Hanoi Vietnamese Restaurant Decor

Hanoi Vietnamese Restaurant Painting

Hanoi Vietnamese Restaurant Lanterns

Hanoi Vietnamese Restaurant Hat

The Jasmine Tea here wasn't so good. Starting out sweet and fragrant, it gradually become more and more bitter as the tea leaves steeped in the water, becoming nearly undrinkable near the end without sugar. Would be better if we could extract the tea leaves from the teapot, rather than leaving the loose leaves within.

Jasmine Tea

The Grilled Chicken (SGD $12.90) is perfectly grilled, with a savoury crisp skin, but still juicy meat. I like that the chicken is thickly sliced, and very flavourful. Though the taste seems very similar to the kind of Honey Chicken Chop you get in Pasar Malams, I suspect they also use peanut oil for frying.

Grilled Chicken

The signature dish, and also the most expensive here, is the Hanoi Grilled Fish With Rice Vermicelli And Mixed Herbs (SGD $25.90). Also known as Cha Ca Hanoi, after the Hanoi restaurant where it was first invented. Featuring DIY fresh grilled fish marinated in turmeric, ginger, herbs, and fish sauce, then grilled on a skillet.

Fresh spring onions and more herbs are then added. Part entertainment and part meal, staff will prepare this dish for you, or you can opt to do it yourself! Finally, pair it with fresh rice vermicelli noodles, shrimp paste, and crunchy peanuts. Loved the overall taste and presentation of this dish, though I don't recall seeing it in Vietnam.

Hanoi Grilled Fish With Rice Vermicelli And Mixed Herbs 01

Hanoi Grilled Fish With Rice Vermicelli And Mixed Herbs 02

Hanoi Grilled Fish With Rice Vermicelli And Mixed Herbs 03

Hanoi Grilled Fish With Rice Vermicelli And Mixed Herbs 04

Hanoi Grilled Fish With Rice Vermicelli And Mixed Herbs 05

Hanoi Grilled Fish With Rice Vermicelli And Mixed Herbs 06

Hanoi Grilled Fish With Rice Vermicelli And Mixed Herbs 07

I would argue that the Pho Bo (SGD $9.90), or Vietnam Beef Noodle Soup, here is one of the best in Singapore! The signature Hanoi style Pho Bo consists of thick, flat rice vermicelli, in a huge bowl of flavourful, sweet, fragrant, and herby broth. The vegetables are very fresh, especially the herbs, spring onions, and crunchy bean sprouts. Best of all, the thinly sliced beef packs more flavour than it should, seeping into the already awesome broth. Highly recommended!

Pho Bo 01

Pho Bo 02

Pho Bo 03

The Los Leaf Rolls With Pork (SGD $12.90) are a meaty and juicy pork spring roll, wrapped in a Vietnam herb known as a Los Leaf instead of a batter. The leaf has a slight sourish bitterness that balances well with the sweetness of the juicy pork. Excellent, and highly recommended!

Los Leaf Rolls With Pork

I felt the weakest dish here was the Sugarcane Shrimp (SGD $13.90) appetizer. While the handmade shrimp rolled around a sugar cane was freshly made, the taste was somewhat muted, even after adding sauce.

Sugarcane Shrimp