Factors That Affect Adult Learning

Factors That Affect Adult Learning
Written By: Ivan Teh (RunningMan)

Factors That Affect Adult Learning

When preparing a training / facilitation session, we have to take into account the various Factors That Affect Adult Learning, that we might better understand and prepare for our adult learners. Having such knowledge before a training / facilitation session begins also helps us to better manage the session when it's in progress.

Such Factors That Affect Adult Learning may include:

  • Psychographics: The adult learner's values, interests, and attitude

  • Demographics: The adult learner's gender, age, and race

  • Educational Background: The adult learner's prior education history

  • Physiological Conditions: The adult learner's current physical state, how healthy they are

  • Personal Circumstances: Deeply emotional or traumatic situations in their personal life

  • Working Experience: The adult learner's prior working experience and career choices

  • Culture: The type of culture the adult learner lives in, or has been exposed to

  • Aptitude: The talent or skill the adult learner possesses

  • Learning Style: Visual, Auditory, or Kinesthetic

  • Job Category: The type of industry or job that the adult learner is currently working in

  • Opinions: How the adult learner thinks or feels about the subject matter

  • Motivations: Internal or External factors that caused the adult learner to seek learning