Huong Que Vietnamese Cuisine

Huong Que Vietnamese Cuisine
348 Bedok Road
#02-19 Simpang Bedok Market Place

Rustic, Tasty Vietnamese Favourites

(Ratings: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 = Worst and 10 = Best)
Overall: 7
Ambience & Setting: 6
Food & Beverage: 7
Service: 6
Value for Money: 10
Spent about SGD $6 per person.


Opened along with the revamped Simpang Bedok Market Place in December 2014, Huong Que Vietnamese Cuisine offers traditional, rustic Vietnamese food, made with family recipes passed down to the owners, Singaporean Mr. Leo Ng and his Vietnamese wife Ms. Vu Thi Hai. While the menu is small, the quality of dishes at Huong Que Vietnamese Cuisine is consistently good, with several items made from scratch, and prepared only upon order.

Ambience at Huong Que Vietnamese Cuisine is similar to the rest of the stalls here, on account of the shared casual seating, and clean, bright atmosphere. The stall owners have put effort into some decor, with the traditional, iconic, Vietnamese palm leaf conical hat doubling as lamps / lanterns. The range of sauce bottles on display, along with a rustic design for the stall, also lends a 'local street side stall' feel.

Service at Huong Que Vietnamese Cuisine is completely self-service, with ordering, payment, and collection of orders done over the counter. At least the owners are friendly and cheerful, and they provide you a buzzer, which alerts you when your order is ready. Order fulfillment can take up to 15 minutes though, this is because they prepare several items only upon order, fresh from stratch. Personally, I don't mind a short wait for better quality dishes!

Food at Huong Que Vietnamese Cuisine is naturally, Vietnamese cuisine. Made to order, according to authentic, traditional family recipes of the owners, the food is simple and rustic, but tasty, nutritious, and filling. Love how fresh the dishes are, especially topped with a generous portion of vegetables! Portion sizes are designed for individuals, and prices are cheap / very affordable, similar to a prices at a food court / hawker stall. Budget around SGD $6 per person for a meal here.


Huong Que Vietnamese Cuisine Facade

Huong Que Vietnamese Cuisine Menu

The Pho Bo (SGD $5.50), or Vietnamese Beef Noodles, has a thin yet intensely flavoured beefy soup / broth. The thin, flat rice vermicelli noodles are silky smooth in texture, and the thinly sliced beef flank, is savoury and tender. I particularly like the hand made beef balls, which have a strong beef meat flavour. However, I did feel that it's lacking in vegetables as compared to other versions, as they noticeably do not have bean sprouts. Also, they lack the variety of cuts of beef. Seems like it takes after the North Vietnam style. Still, it's an above average dish worth ordering.

Pho Bo 01

Pho Bo 02

The Bun Thit Nuong Cha Gio (SGD $6), or Grilled Pork And Fried Spring Roll Noodles, is considered a 'dry' Vietnamese dish, although a sweet and slightly spicy chili sauce is provided for pouring over the bowl. The thin, round rice vermicelli noodles soak up the sauce so well, and the generous garnishings of cucumber, lettuce, and mint leaves impart both texture and freshness. The pork is grilled to order, savoury and moist with a smoky aroma. The fried spring rolls, stuffed with minced pork, thin rice vermicelli noodles, and mushrooms, has a crisp exterior which crunches satisfiyingly, and a savoury, earthy interior. Highly recommended!

Bun Thit Nuong Cha Gio 01

Bun Thit Nuong Cha Gio 02

The Cha Gio Fried Spring Roll (SGD $2.80) are just as excellent on their own! If ordered as a side dish, it's served with a thin, sour with a hint of spicy dipping sauce.

Cha Gio Fried Spring Roll 01

Cha Gio Fried Spring Roll 02

Cha Gio Fried Spring Roll 03

The Goi Cuon Fresh Spring Roll (SGD $2.80) is a best seller here. Little wonder, for these fresh, tightly packed, rice noodle rolls stuffed with fresh lettuce, thin rice vermicelli noodles, chicken, and prawn, are crunchy, chewy, and tasty! Great as a light snack, or for sharing. The sweet, thick dipping sauce makes it even more yummy! Highly recommended!

Goi Cuon Fresh Spring Roll 01

Goi Cuon Fresh Spring Roll 02

Goi Cuon Fresh Spring Roll 03