Spruce Goose

Spruce Goose
30 Cochrane Street
Wellington 6011
New Zealand


Spruce Goose Restaurant Wellington Crumbed Fish And Chips
Crumbed Fish And Chips (NZD $23 / SGD $23)

Hearty Casual Kiwi Dining, Scenic Views

(Ratings: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 = Worst and 10 = Best)
Overall: 8
Ambience & Setting: 10
Food & Beverage: 8
Service: 8
Value for Money: 8
Spent about NZD $30 / SGD $30 per person.


Established in December 2013 as part of the Wellington International Airport in New Zealand by founder Nick Mills, Spruce Goose restaurant has since come into its own as a scenic dining destination offering fantastic ambience with ocean views, friendly casual service, and hearty rustic food. A popular place during both lunch and dinner, Spruce Goose is often crowded, and advance reservations are recommended. They even offer a function room for events where you can watch planes!

Ambience at Spruce Goose restaurant is the highlight of a visit. The clean, white washed exterior with expansive decks houses 2 levels of spacious, wooden panelled interior, neatly spaced with sturdy wooden tables and metal chairs in bright pastel colours. Warmly lit by night, the ample natural light by day streams in through the panoramic floor to ceiling windows, which offer unparelled views of the bay. Quirky paintings adorn the walls, and you can even plane watch from the decks.

Service at Spruce Goose restaurant is casual, friendly, and efficient. Staff are quick to greet and seat guests, and show good product knowledge, able to recommend and describe dishes, but only if asked. Orders are quickly fulfilled even during peak periods, and I note staff are quick to clear away empty / dirty tables, good efficiency. If selecting items from the salad bar or pastry counter, staff will approach you to check if you need assistance. They also enquire for feedback on your dining experience, and will come around to check if you want to order more.

Food at Spruce Goose restaurant is rustic New Zealand / Wellington / Kiwi cuisine, made with fresh local ingredients. Dishes are simple, but tasty and fresh, packing good flavour. Large in portion too, and difficult for me to finish on my own. The menu offers a range of variety, and differs for brunch / lunch, and dinner. Prices are comparable to other cafes and affordable, budget about NZD $30 / SGD $30 per person for a meal. With their long operating hours of 7am - 12am midnight daily, I highly recommended Spruce Goose as a dining destination.


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The Crumbed Fish And Chips (NZD $23 / SGD $23) features a fresh caught fish of the day, coated in a light crumb batter which lends a nice crunch to texture. Fresh and sweet, the firm, white flesh fish meat flakes off nicely. We had moki fish during my visit. Served with a fresh, crunchy house made coleslaw which goes light on the sauce, and a mountain of thick cut English chips / steak chips, along with a lemon wedge and tomato ketchup. Good!

Crumbed Fish And Chips (NZD $23 / SGD $23)

Crumbed Fish And Chips