Wah Kungfu Tasting Session

Wah Kungfu Tasting Session
74 Pagoda Street

Opening Hours:
Daily: 11:30am - 11:30pm


This was an invited media review. I did not pay for the meal during the free hosted tasting session.
Attended with representatives from HungryGoWhere, Purple Taste, and Epicurious Caniggia.

Bullfrog With Spicy Sichuan Broth (SGD $39.80)

Excellent Chinese Hunan / Xiang Cuisine & Frogs

(Ratings: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 = Worst and 10 = Best)
Overall: 8
Ambience & Setting: 7
Food & Beverage: 8
Service: 8
Value for Money: 8
Spent about SGD $45 per person.


Owned and operated by the same founder behind 2 other Chinese Hunan / Xiang cuisine restaurants in Singapore, Wah Kungfu is his speciality concept restaurant, focusing on frogs. Opened in September 2016, Wah Kungfu serves up hearty, communal dishes of frogs done in classic Chinese Hunan / Xiang style, which is almost similar to Chinese Sichuan / Szechuan cuisine. While both use lots of chili in dishes, the difference is the Hunan / Xiang chili has a dry, mild heat, while the Sichuan / Szechuan chili has a fiery heat with a lingering burn.

'Froggy' Lee

Wah Kungfu Signage
Wah Kungfu Signage

Ambience at Wah Kungfu is themed around their signature ingredient; frogs. A Bruce Lee lookalike frog greets guests at the entrance, and the walls are adorned with frog themed comics and artwork. Frog soft toys are stacked on the walls, and each table even has frog cushions and toy wind-up jumping frogs. Beyond frogs, the place has a modern industrial look and feel, with matte black walls and exposed metal beams, against black, red, and wooden furnishings. The dimly lit place is spotlit with changing neon lights, giving it a club feel, very appealing for the younger crowd, who like to take selfies here. Seating is spacious and functionally comfortable, with up to 3 levels for diners.

Wah Kungfu Exterior

Wah Kungfu Interior



Service at Wah Kungfu is very good. The mostly young staff are conversant in both English and Chinese Mandarin, and will politely greet guests upon entry. They display good product knowledge on the menu, which is helpful, because the limited menu descriptions usually require clarifications. I particularly like that staff walk around to observe tables, making it easy to attract their attention and make requests. They're efficient at clearing away empty / dirty plates and dishes, often doing so proactively over the course of a meal. They also assist to shift plates around while serving a crowded table. Very good, felt attended to and comfortable here.

Frog Soft Toys

Frog Art

Table Setting

Jumping Frog Toy

Food at Wah Kungfu is mostly Chinese Hunan / Xiang cuisine, with the star ingredient being farmed bullfrogs. Characteristics of the cuisine show, from the use of very little oil, to the profile of dry hot flavours, to braising and pot-roasting techniques. Generally, I find most dishes to be bold in flavour, with levels of spicy heat being mild to medium, nothing overwhelming. There is a good range of side dishes, all of which can be freely added to any main dish, or eaten on its own. Portions are communal sized, suitable for groups of at least 4 or more people. Prices are reasonable as well, most dishes averaging about SGD $40 per dish. Budget about SGD $45 per person for a full meal here.

Wah Kungfu Menu

Wah Kungfu Menu

Of the beverages here, the Kumquat Lemon Juice (SGD $8.80) is best paired with spicy food, as its sour sweet zesty flavours are refreshing, and aid in cleansing the palate of heavy flavours. The Pomegranate Juice (SGD $4.80) is fruity sweet, with a nice floral touch, and I like the serving light bulb. The Kiwi Fruit Juice With Chili (SGD $7.80) is spiked with alcohol, and despite having chili, no heat goes into the drink, as the chili is uncut. Visually very striking, but in terms of flavour, the alcohol overwhelms the more delicate nature of the fruit.

Kumquat Lemon Juice (SGD $8.80)

Pomegranate Juice (SGD $4.80)

Kiwi Fruit Juice With Chili (SGD $7.80)

The Vegetables - Potatoes (SGD $3.80), Black Fungus (SGD $3.80), Golden Mushrooms (SGD $4.80) are meant to be added to any of the pot-roast, and cooked till tender. There is a good variety of such add-ons, and while they don't lend flavour to the dish, they do pick up flavour from the spices already present, making them really delicious.

Vegetables - Potatoes (SGD $3.80), Black Fungus (SGD $3.80), Golden Mushrooms (SGD $4.80)

The Bullfrog With Spicy Sichuan Broth (SGD $39.80) was the unanimous favourite dish of our visit. With 5 farm fresh frogs in a mildly spicy Chinese Sichuan / Szechuan broth, flavoured with 2 different types of chili, yet the heat isn't overwhelming. We loved the bouncy, meaty texture of the frogs, and you can still taste the natural sweet flavour of the meat underneath the heavy savoury spicy flavours of the broth. Really good. Highly recommended!

Bullfrog With Spicy Sichuan Broth (SGD $39.80)

Bullfrog With Spicy Sichuan Broth

The Fried Bullfrog In Special Pepper Broth (SGD $39.80) is the most spicy dish on the menu. With 5 farm fresh frogs, fried till slightly crisp, served in a fiery broth that is flavoured with 3 different types of chili. This is considered a 'dry' dish, the frog meat is less juicy, but carries a more robust savoury salty flavour, with the spicy flavours clinging tightly to the meat. The lingering heat builds on you, and I personally find it difficult to mix in the side dishes to this, due to the heat.

Fried Bullfrog In Special Pepper Broth (SGD $39.80)

Fried Bullfrog In Special Pepper Broth

The Bullfrog With Pickled Mustard Greens Broth (SGD $39.80) has big flavour. With 5 farm fresh frogs in a bold, robust Chinese Hunan / Xiang broth, flavoured with pickled mustard greens and chili. Deeply salty savoury, the frog meat has a bouncy, meaty texture, and you can still taste the natural sweet flavour of the meat underneath the flavours of the vegetables. Nice, I find this uncommon dish to be tasty. Good!

Bullfrog With Pickled Mustard Greens Broth (SGD $39.80)

Bullfrog With Pickled Mustard Greens Broth

Loved the Spicy Hot Chongqing Grilled Fish (SGD $35.80), which features a large, fresh, whole seabass fish. The fish is nicely flaky and tender, with a delicate sweetness, enhanced by the spicy pepper broth it's immersed in. I like that despite the name, it's done in Hunan / Xiang style, which features much less chili oil, and is also more mild in spicy heat than elsewhere. Good!

Spicy Hot Chongqing Grilled Fish (SGD $35.80)

Spicy Hot Chongqing Grilled Fish

Spicy Hot Chongqing Grilled Fish

Spicy Hot Chongqing Grilled Fish

The pieces of Beef Tripe (SGD $9.80) are crunchy in texture, savoury with a light salty flavour, and I like the fresh, clean taste it has. Mix into any of the pot-roasts, for added flavour.

Beef Tripe (SGD $9.80)

Beef Tripe

The Stewed Pork Big Intestines (SGD $9.80) have a clean, tender texture, with a bold salty savoury flavour, tasting of dark soy sauce. Incredibly tasty, I loved evey bite of this. Highly recommended!

Stewed Pork Big Intestines (SGD $9.80)

Stewed Pork Big Intestines

The aptly named QQ Shrimp (SGD $11.80) has a bouncy, plump texture to each of the prawns / shrimp. Nicely fresh, with a delicate sweet flavour, and a light touch of spicy. Very good.

QQ Shrimp (SGD $11.80)

QQ Shrimp

The Barbecue Mutton (SGD $1.20 Per Skewer) feature chewy chunks of marinated mutton, having a robust salty savoury flavour. I like that the meat is still moist within, despite looking dry. There is a light gamey taste, which may or may not appeal. Kind of on the fence with this, some of us liked it, some didn't.

Barbecue Mutton (SGD $1.20 Per Skewer)

Barbecue Mutton

The Barbecue Chicken Mid-Wing (SGD $2.20 Per Skewer) has nicely juicy and tender pieces of chicken mid-wings, with the skin being coated with salt. This means the flavour is strongly salty outside, with a light sweet flavour to the meat inside. Despite this, most of us liked it. I personally would order this again.

Barbecue Chicken Mid-Wing (SGD $2.20 Per Skewer)

Barbecue Chicken Mid-Wing

Felt the Lovely Hao Dun Pot (SGD $12.80) is decent. It's an alright choice as a side dish, but really, this is more of a by-the-way item in case you haven't gotten full on seafood or frogs.

Lovely Hao Dun Pot (SGD $12.80)

The Fresh Crab With Shrimp In Pot (SGD $38.80) features a large, fresh, 600g crab, simmered with fresh prawns / shrimp and chili peppers in a single pot. Incredible value for money, the meaty crab and plump prawns / shrimp retain their delicate sweet flavour, enhanced by the savoury spicy broth. Highly recommended!

Fresh Crab With Shrimp In Pot (SGD $38.80)

Overall, I'm quite happy with the dining experience at Wah Kungfu. The quirky, modern ambience, friendly and efficient service, and tasty, delicious Chinese Hunan / Xiang cuisine served here, with its focus on frogs, is very good. Prices are reasonable enough for the generous portions, though it's best to visit in groups of at least 4 or more people. Am looking forward to return to Wah Kungfu for more!