Top 5 Yarra Ranges Attractions

Top 5 Yarra Ranges Attractions

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City: Yarra Ranges
State: Victoria
Country: Australia

Located adjacent to the city of Melbourne, the city of Yarra Ranges in the state of Victoria, Australia, is famed for encompassing most of the Yarra Valley. Known for its fresh, agricultural produce, extensive New World wineries, and stunning landscapes of plains, farmlands, and rolling hills, Yarra Ranges boasts incredible natural and cultural attractions.

Here are the Top 5 Tourist Attractions to visit in Yarra Ranges, all of which hold important cultural or historical significance. All these are permanent locations which can be visited and viewed at any time throughout the year.

1. Healesville Sanctuary

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The Healesville Sanctuary, formerly known as the Sir Colin MacKenzie Sanctuary, is the equivalent of a zoo in Yarra Ranges, Victoria, except it's set in a natural bushland environment. Specialising in native animals of Australia, it allows visitors to observe the wildlife in their natural habitats, including wallabies, wombats, kangaroos, koalas, emus, dingoes, and over 200 species of native birds. It's also only 1 of 2 places to have successfully bred platypus, and this unique animal is a highlight here.

2. TarraWarra Museum Of Art
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Within the Yarra Ranges in Yarra Valley, the TarraWarra Museum Of Art stands as a tribute to Victoria, Australia, and international visual arts. A cultural icon with an award-winning building architecture design, the museum features seasonally changing exhibitions, having hosted over 70 themed exhibitions since its founding in 2003. Notable permanent pieces in its collection include 'The Workers' by Danila Vassilieff, 'Construction Fence' by Jeffrey Smart, 'The Great Tasmanian Wars' by James Morrison, and 'Australian Art It's An Aboriginal Thing' by Richard Bell.

3. Alowyn Gardens
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The Alowyn Gardens in the town of Yarra Glen, Yarra Ranges, Victoria, Australia, is more than just a beautiful, landscaped garden. In the centre is a 100-metre long wisteria and rose covered arbor, as well as a relaxing courtyard with a giant chessboard. The 6 themed surrounding areas include; the perennial border garden, the dry garden, the edible garden, the forest garden, the parterre garden, and the display garden. Each area focuses on cultivating a unique set of plants and flowers according to its theme.

4. Lilydale - Warburton Rail Trail
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Among the most iconic hiking trails of the state of Victoria, in Australia, is the Lilydale - Warburton Rail Trail. This 40km recreation trail follows the path of the historical railway line through Yarra Ranges, beginning at Lilydale Railway Station and ending in the Warburton town. Spot beautiful hills and streams, vast farmlands and forests, restored bridges and former railway stations, as well as indigenous flora and fauna along the way.

5. Healesville Glass Blowing Studio
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The Healesville Glass Blowing Studio in Yarra Ranges, Victoria, is the studio of artists Tim Bassett and Tali Dalton. Here, visitors can observe the artists create blown glass artwork, jewellery, and household objects, as well as participate in glass blowing classes. Their shop is a vibrant, colourful display of various blown glass objects, ranging from vases to sculptures, with a museum-like quality to the pieces.