2 Gordon Heights
Tasmania 7215

Huge, Family-Friendly, Modern Accommodation

(Ratings: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 = Worst and 10 = Best)
Overall: 8
Visited: Mar-2018
Ambience & Setting: 9
Food & Beverage: NA
Service: 7
Value for Money: 9
Spent about SGD $118 per person.
- $118 Accomodation 3D2N

Nearby Attractions: Bicheno Aquarium, The Blowhole, Redbill Beach, Waubs Beach, Bay Of Fires, Whalers Hill Lookout, Penguin Tour, Diamond Island, Wineglass Bay, Natureworld, The Hazards, Freycinet National Park, Governor Island Marine Reserve, Douglas-Apsley National Park, Bicheno Motorcycle Museum

Accomodation Facilities & Amenities Provided: Air-Conditioning / Heater, Toiletries, Laundry Area With Washer (No Dryer), Fully-Equipped Kitchen & Pantry, Barbecue Grill, Arcade Console System, Reading Corner, Crib, Toy Corner, Movie DVDs, Garage


Located about 2 hours drive away from both the Launceston Regional Airport in Launceston and the Hobart International Airport in Hobart, the SunSurfnSand is a spacious modern accomodation in Bicheno, in the east of Tasmania, Australia. The fully equipped place is family-friendly, and sleeps up to 7 people, but the highlight is the ample amenities available, and the beautiful views from the balcony.

Ambience at SunSurfnSand is cozy and comfortable, well suited for relaxing. Despite its urban location, the quiet surroundings have ample natural greenery, plus, there's also wildlife like wallabies and rabbits around Bicheno. I fell in love with this 2-storey house because it's just so comfortable and relaxing here.

Rooms at SunSurfnSand at clean, bright, and spacious. The bedrooms have large wardrobes, and the master bedroom even has a walk-in wardrobe. Beds are large and comfortable, we slept so soundly here. There are 2 large living rooms with large-screen televisions, while the 3 toilets / bathrooms are clean and well-stocked with toiletries.

Food at SunSurfnSand is non-existent, as it's not a hotel. However, a fully-equipped kitchen with a well stocked pantry is available, allowing guests to prepare their own meals easily. We cooked all our dinners here, and I find the wide range of seasonings and basic ingredients available to be very useful. They have an outdoor electric barbecue grill, which is easy to operate, allowing us to barbecue on the balcony and watch the sunset. Plus, there is a big supermarket just a short 5 minutes drive away.

Service at SunSurfnSand is completely self-service, though the assigned property manager is easily contactable. Household devices are generally easy to use, and come with simple instructions. As the place is managed by a real estate corporation (LJ Hooker), the interaction feels more impersonal than other accomodations, but is actually more efficient when tasks / requests need to be fulfilled.

Facilities & Activities
The facilities and activities at SunSurfnSand are the best I've had in an accomodation. Multiple family-friendly options for leisure are provided, from movie DVDs, to board games and toys, to a full arcade console system that is loaded with classic arcade games. The laundry area has a washer and detergent, and while there is no dryer, the in-house heaters can be repurposed for drying clothes. The only drawback; the lack of wifi or any sort of internet connection on the premises. Overall, I greatly enjoyed my stay here, and I would recommend this place.


SunSurfnSand 01 - Exterior Facade

SunSurfnSand 02 - Bedroom

SunSurfnSand 03 - Children's Bedroom

SunSurfnSand 04 - Kitchen

SunSurfnSand 05 - Bathroom

SunSurfnSand 06 - Living Room

SunSurfnSand 07 - Dining Area

SunSurfnSand 08 - Laundry Area

SunSurfnSand 09 - Lounge

SunSurfnSand 10 - Walk-In Wardrobe

SunSurfnSand 11 - Toy Corner

SunSurfnSand 12 - Crib

SunSurfnSand 13 - Pantry

SunSurfnSand 14 - Arcade Console System

SunSurfnSand 15 - Balcony & Electric Barbecue Grill