Top 5 Bicheno Attractions

Top 5 Bicheno Attractions

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City: Bicheno
State: Tasmania
Country: Australia

A former coal mining town, the fishing town of Bicheno in recent years has become known in Tasmania and Australia as a tourist destination, thanks to its natural beauty and unique geological sights. It also acts as a base to explore the nearby Freycinet National Park, which is home to several popular attractions.

Here are the Top 5 Tourist Attractions to visit in Bicheno, all of which hold important cultural or historical significance. All these are permanent locations which can be visited and viewed at any time throughout the year.

1. The Blowhole

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A rare geological feature in the town of Bicheno on the east coast of the island of Tasmania in Australia, The Blowhole sees nature at its most playful. This sea cave channels waves up to the surface, which shoots several metres up into the air in a large water spout. Marked by a natural diamond shaped boulder / rock nearby, this unique sight draws many visitors, and is the most popular attraction here.

2. Bay Of Fires
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Stretching over 50 kilometres from the edge of Bicheno to Eddystone Point, the Bay Of Fires is a string of superb beaches with powder white sand, crystal-clear turquoise seas, and the iconic orange lichen covered granite boulders and rocks, which gives the place its name. This popular conservation area in Tasmania is regarded as one of the most beautiful places in Australia, and is great for swimming, snorkelling, surfing, camping, walking, or relaxing.

3. Penguin Tour
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The nightly Penguin Tour in Bicheno is the best way to see penguins up close and safely. The daily guided visits to a private rookery of fairy penguins on the east coast of Tasmania only takes about an hour, but is an exciting and educational Australia wildlife experience as the guides are knowledgeable and experienced. Not to be missed as the birds are so cute and cuddly.

4. Wineglass Bay
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Located near Bicheno, Tasmania, Australia in the Freycinet National Park, the picturesque Wineglass Bay with its signature crescent of white sandy beach, clear turquoise waters, and green forested mountains, makes for a perfect aerial photograph from the Lookout Point, or from Wineglass Beach itself. Beautiful from any angle during the day, the sight evokes emotions of awe; while at night, the vast expanse of twinkling stars and shooting stars feels magical. Many agree that it's among the most incredible places to visit.

5. The Hazards
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Named after local whaler, Captain Richard Hazard, the mountains called The Hazards in Freycinet National Park near Bicheno, Tasmania, Australia, are reowned for their unique geological composition. The granite rocks here are covered in orthoclase, a pink feldspar, which gives the mountain range a vibrant pink hue. Views are best during either sunrise or sunset, when the 4 mountains glow the most brilliantly and brightly, and can be seen from either Coles Bay, Hazards Beach, or Muirs Beach. The walking and hiking trails up the 4 mountains (Mayson, Amos, Dove, and Parsons) vary in difficulty, but offer a view of the pristine and serene landscape below.