Changi Lounge

Changi Lounge
78 Airport Boulevard
#01-304 Jewel Changi Airport

Comfortable Environment For Working Or Relaxing

(Ratings: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 = Worst and 10 = Best)
Overall: 7
Visited: Oct-2020
Ambience & Setting: 9
Food & Beverage: 4
Service: 8
Value for Money: 8
Budget about SGD $24 per person.

Lounge Facilities: Business Centre, Free Wi-Fi, Bar, Meeting Rooms With Video Conferencing Equipment, Power Outlets, Complimentary Parking, Currency Exchange Service


Located within the Jewel Changi Airport mall in Singapore, the Changi Lounge offers an exclusive and comfortable environment for working or relaxing. Originally meant for travellers awaiting their flight departures, the resulting border closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic means there aren't many travellers... hence, Changi Lounge is now open to Singaporeans looking for a comfortable place to 'work-from-home', so to speak.

Ambience at Changi Lounge is clean and quiet, with proper safe distancing between sets of seats. The plush lounge chairs are comfortable even after long hours, and there's ample power sockets around for charging multiple devices. A small working table is provided for those opting for the lounge seats. The airport's free wifi is fast and stable, though you'll have to reconnect periodically (every 3 hours or so). The meeting rooms are well equipped with video conferencing facilities, projectors, and speakers, and offer good privacy for work discussions.

Food at Changi Lounge is passable. The small menu consists mostly of non-alcoholic drinks, from water to coffee and tea or soft drinks. There's a small range of finger foods and pastries for snacking, but no full meals are available on the menu. Quality is decent enough. That said, you can takeaway from the myriad restaurants around. A 2-hour package includes 1 beverage and 1 snack for SGD $15, a 4-hour package includes 2 beverages and 1 snack for SGD $24 with complimentary parking, and a 8-hour package doubles everything for SGD $44. Good value if you can afford the premium prices!

Service at Changi Lounge rivals any modern 4-star hotel. Staff are polite and professional, according each guest personalised attention. They demonstrate good product knowledge, and swiftly carry out requests where possible. They're proactive in helping guests settle in and get comfortable, and I note they clean up quickly when guests depart. However, there can be a slight lull during change of shifts. There's also complimentary parking for those who drive, capped at the duration booked in the lounge. Overall, this is a welcoming, comfortable place for relaxing or working; I plan to return to Changi Lounge again.


Changi Lounge 01 - Exterior

Changi Lounge 02 - Concierge Desk

Changi Lounge 03 - Entrance

Changi Lounge 04 - Interior

Changi Lounge 05 - Lounge

Changi Lounge 06 - Promotion Lounge Access

Changi Lounge 07 - Prices

Changi Lounge 08 - Seating

Changi Lounge 09 - Lounge Chairs

Changi Lounge 10 - Working Desk

Changi Lounge 11 - Decorative Lights

Changi Lounge 12 - Artwork Sculptures

Changi Lounge 13 - Bar

Changi Lounge 14 - Bar Menu

Changi Lounge 15 - Snacks & Beverages

Changi Lounge 16 - Milo Hot

Changi Lounge 17 - Croissant Plain

Changi Lounge 18 - Snacks & Beverages

Changi Lounge 19 - Tea Earl Grey

Changi Lounge 20 - Croissant Chocolate

Changi Lounge 21 - Snacks & Beverages

Changi Lounge 22 - Tea Peppermint

Changi Lounge 23 - Popcorn Chicken Basket

Changi Lounge 24 - Popcorn Chicken