Can You Lick The Science?

Can You Lick The Science?

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Genetics: Do not. Unless cheek swabs?

Chemistry: NO!!!!! DO NOT!!!!!

Archaeology: Perhaps. But might be human bone.

Geology: Sometimes needed, sometimes dangerous.

Psychology: Best not.

Physics: ???????? How?????

Zoology: In zoology, science licks you.

Anthropology: Maybe ask first.

Herpetology: bad plan bad plan BAD PLAN !!!

Sociology: Yes, if you have time and dedication and a willingness to piss a lot of people off.

Botany: You might hallucinate and die, OR it might be delicious.

Computer Science: The tingle of electricity on your tongue is how you know it's working.


Linguistics: Despite the name, please don't.

Engineering: Maybe, but it'll probably taste like spreadsheets.

Software Engineering: Nothing else has made the code work, so you might as well try it.

Neuroscience: That is someone's brain! No! Do not!

Marine Biology: You can try, but you'll probably just get a mouthful of seawater.

Astronomy: Look, if your dedication to lick Uranus is what it takes to get humankind to another planet, then so be it.

Economics: Sure, but it might taste of pennies.

Meteorology: Happily encouraged for some, but possibility of death for others.

Gynecology: How else are you going to treat the hysteria?