Ho Chi Minh Shops

November 16, 2013 Ivan Teh - RunningMan 0 Comments

Ho Chi Minh Shops

Some examples of the shops in Ho Chi Minh, whether along the streets or within the shopping malls.

Some notable ones include:
B's Mart, a convienence store franchise that has outlets across Vietnam
Cafe Terrace, a stylish and modern Vietnam cafe franchise that serves both traditional Vietnamese food and modern Western food
Chau Anh Silk, a small shop in Ho Chi Minh that specialises in Vietnam silk
Cosigon Restaurant, a local Ho Chi Minh restaurant that serves tasty and value for money Vietnam cuisine in modern comfort
Mon Hue, a casual restaurant that serves royal Hue cuisine
Sasco Vietnamese Gift Shop, a souveniour shop that retails Vietnam and Ho Chi Minh artwork, handicraft and home ware
Trung Nguyen Coffee, a coffee chain and business group that specialises in Vietnam style coffee, including the famous G7 instant coffee and Weasel coffee
Hoan My Clinic, a leading private healthcare provider in Vietnam
Chill Skybar, a classy rooftop bar with a great view of District 1 and District 5 in Ho Chi Minh City


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