An Excellent Role Model

An Excellent Role Model

Picture this: 

It's past 11pm on Wednesday night, the day after a public holiday. 

Few distributors are left in the office, and you're one of them, sitting in the showroom quietly doing your work. 

Suddenly, the main door swings open, and in walks Mr. Simon Sim, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Premier Pure. 

Seeing a CEO coming back to work late at night is surprising enough. But, he's not alone. 

Following him is a casually dressed man, whom you deduce is his friend. They're in the middle of a conversation, and you pick up that Mr. Simon Sim is telling him about his business. 

They walk up to to showcase, and Mr. Simon Sim points out the various products on display, while briefly describing them. Then they walk over to the Hall of Fame, and finally head over to Mr. Simon Sim's office. 

A while later, Mr. Simon Sim comes back to the showroom, and approaches the most junior leader present at the time, who happens to be doing planning with their downline.

He says to the leader: "Sorry to interrupt, but my friend would like to make a purchase, could you spare me a minute to assist with the submission process? I would like to submit the sales under you." 

And then to the leader's downline: "Sorry, to trouble you. I just need a minute of your leader's time." 

Then they head off to submit the sales.


And this is yet another reason why I respect Mr. Simon Sim. 

  • Still working even till late at night, even though he's the CEO. 

  • Does personal recruitment. 

  • Does B-Role, Opening, Closing, etc. 

  • Does personal sales. 

  • Helps junior distributors in his organization.

  • Is still humble and polite.

Here is a leader who really does practice what he teaches to others, and sets an example all of us can follow.

In the words of Albert Schweitzer: "Example is leadership".