Zi Char - One Degree 15 (ONE°15)

Zi Char - One Degree 15 (ONE°15)

11 Cove Drive
Sentosa Cove



One Degree 15 (ONE°15) obviously isn't your typical zi char place. I was fortunate that my eldest cousin chose One Degree 15 (ONE°15) to hold his wedding dinner, the surrounding scenery was beautiful. And the food was deserving of this up-market location. 

My mom and dad actually picked out this menu together with my cousin's parents, and they mentioned that the food served during the actual wedding dinner was a lot better than they one they tasted during the tasting session. 

One Degree 15 (ONE°15) food really was superb, the ingredients were all fresh, well marinated and arranged beautifully. 

Guess my cousin paid a bomb for this... Well worth it though, if this dinner was to be the most important dinner of his life.

Red Wine & White Wine

White Wine & Red Wine

Braised Loh Han Vegetables With Abalone

Braised Shark's Fin With Crab Meat And Bamboo Pith

Cold Dish Combination

Cream Of Red Bean Paste With Glutinous Sesame Rice Ball

Roasted Crispy Chicken With Crackers

Steamed Red Garoupa Hong Kong Style

Stir-Fried Pork Ribs Cantonese Style

Wok-Fried Fragrant Rice With Preserved Meat In Lotus Leaf