Zi Char - Jumbo Seafood

Zi Char - Jumbo Seafood

1206 East Coast Parkway #01-07

2 Stadium Walk
#01-05 Singapore Indoor Stadium

11 Dempsey Road #01-16

30 Merchant Road
#01-01 Riverside Point

20 Upper Circular Road
#B1-48 The Riverwalk

10 Changi Coast Walk



Lovely waterfront dining at Jumbo Seafood, it's quiet and peaceful, especially during weekday afternoons.

Service is prompt and efficient, and the food arrives quickly.

Jumbo Seafood is well-known for their crabs, and their Chilli Crab is particularly succulent and juicy. I also like their Scallop In Yam Ring, the juicy scallops contrast well with the crispy fried yam rings.

Jumbo Seafood Mee Goreng is very tasty as well, though I feel the price is too expensive for this dish.

I like the Asparagus With Prawns, for their use of fresh ingredients which shines in the taste. Presentation of the dish is clean and pleasing to the eye, and the prawns are meaty, succulent, and juicy. The asparagus lends a satisfiying crunch, while the use of ginger lends a fragrant aroma.

Asparagus With Prawns

Bun Mantou

Chilli Crab Meat In Gravy

Chilli Crab

GeoDuck In XO Sauce

Mee Goreng

Spinach Bean Curd With Mushrooms

Scallop In Yam Ring


Update Aug-2014: I have a newfound respect and appreciation for Jumbo Seafood, because it seems they've gained some semblance of international acclaim. The majority of our overseas staff consider Jumbo Seafood a must visit whenever they come to Singapore, and the 1 dish they always order when they visit is the iconic Singaporean Chilli Crab.

Ambience at Jumbo Seafood has remained more or less consistent throughout the years, still laid out in communal dining style, akin to most Chinese fine dining restaurants. Expect a noisy, bustling atmosphere, with tables packed closely together in a rather cramped layout. Furniture is sufficiently comfortable, and tables are spacious enough even with many dishes.

Service at Jumbo Seafood reflects the multi-cultural society of Singapore, with staff from various countries and backgrounds. Most of the junior staff may not be able to converse in English, and aren't knowledgable on the menu or ordering process, so speaking to the senior staff (all of whom can speak English) may be your best bet. I rather dislike that during peak periods, there is only 90 minutes dining time allocated to each table, so that Jumbo Seafood can turnover the place for the next seating. While orders are served very quickly, allocated seat timing means you won't be able to linger over a meal during peak periods.

Food at Jumbo Seafood, as its name suggests, is all about fresh seafood and Chinese style Zi Char. Since its founding in 1987, Jumbo Seafood has remained among the premier seafood restaurants in Singapore, known especially for their chilli crab, and pepper crabs. Food quality has remained consistently high throughout the years, prepared with fresh ingredients. Small portion sizes are usually enough for 2 - 3 people. Prices though, have risen considerably over the years, especially prices of seafood, and it's recommended to budget at least SGD $40 - $60 per person at Jumbo Seafood.

Jumbo Seafood Signage

Chilli Crab Again

Mee Goreng Again

Stir Fried Broccoli With Scallop

Black Pepper Venison

Chilled Mango And Shredded Duck

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