The Horse And Donkey Story

The Horse And Donkey Story

A story was told of a farmer, who owned a Horse, and a Donkey. One day, the farmer had to travel to the city, but he could only bring one of the animals with him. The other would have to stay and grind mill for that day.

The Donkey said to the Horse: "The city is so far away, I think I would rather stay home and grind mill."

And so, the farmer hitched the Donkey to the mill, took the Horse, and left for the day. 

Evening came, and the farmer returned. When the Horse saw the Donkey, it said, "Donkey! You wouldn't believe all the sights I've seen in the city! It's full of lights and laughter! You should have gone!" 

The Donkey replied, "Well, I've seen nothing all day but the four walls of this mill... I'm extremely tired of all this grinding." 

The Horse said, "We both have walked the whole day, but while I've seen the world, you have just been going round in circles." 

Moral: We are busy everyday. But what are we busy with? Productive activities that will eventually help us reach our goals? Or time-wasting activities that cause us to go round in circles? 

Be clear on what you are doing daily!