Marketing Online

Marketing Online 

4 ways of marketing online / through new media:
  1. Banner Ads
  2. Electronic Direct Mail (EDM)
  3. Online Classified Advertising
  4. Paid Search Advertisements

Banner Ads
- Ads on sites with similar content are 61% more likely to be remembered.

- Social Networking, Shopping and Food sites generated the highest recall levels of 29% to 39%.

- Search and Portal sites generated the lowest recall levels.
63% of banner ads were noticed by Web users.

- Assuming TV Commercials have 100% notice value (it’s the most powerful medium), then Magazine Ads have 83%, and Internet Banner Ads have 16%. It’s a good ratio considering the price of producing a banner ad is much lower than a TV commercial.

- Banner ads can stand out with contrasting color to the rest of the page (Blend, Contrast, Complement). Or with smart technology that changes the content of the banner ad based on date, time, location, or season, etc.

Best place to place a banner ad: A, B, G, E
Worst place to place a banner ad: H, I

Electronic Direct Mail (EDM)
- Encourages customer loyalty and repeat business 
- Acquire new customers 
- Add ads into email message

Advantages of EDM:
- Exact ROI can be traced
- Cheap, can reach substantial number of people quickly
- Over half of internet users check their email daily

Disadvantages of EDM:
- Delivery rate of 56% 
- Must comply with local SPAM regulations 
- Possible negative impact as customer may consider it spam, and business reputation suffers as a result

Online Classified Advertising
- Specialized websites providing advertising platform for niche markets, eg: Food, Jobs, Cars, Hotel Stay, etc. 
- Useful for attracting audience looking for specific products / services

Paid Search Advertisements
- Search engine charges fees to display sponsored links at the top of the search results page, or when links are clicked through 
- Increases relevance of advertisements through targeted marketing 
- Able to track effectiveness 
- Click Through Rates (CTR) for the ads are about 8% for the first ad, 5% for the second ad, and 2.5% for the third ad.

Most popular items bought online are Books (1), Airline tickets (2), Clothes (3), Household Items (4), and Music (5). 

Traditional Media still continues to reach people in all demographics, despite the growth of new media. As such, traditional media still holds significant portions of ad spending. 

Mobile platforms with location-based networks can take social marketing to the next level, in the form of personalized marketing or location-based marketing.