Understanding Consumer Motivation

Understanding Consumer Motivation

Challenges of understanding consumer motivation (what causes people to buy): 
- Real motives not always clear, so research is needed to discover them. 
- People don't always disclose the real reasons for their actions.
- People sometimes don't know why they take certain actions.
- Motivation changes in response to life experiences. (Aging, Marriage, Change Careers, etc.). 

4 Broad Motivation Strategies Marketers Use to Motivate Consumer Purchasing

1. Value for Money
Regardless of Motive, consumers want to fulfill their needs at the best value - same product for less price, or same price for more product. 

2. Multi-Pronged Approach
Address more than one need to increase attractiveness of the product. Example: Physiological + Ego, Safety + Ego. 

3. Provide Information
Make consumers more conscious of their needs by giving more information. 

Types of Consumer Information: 

- Product Knowledge: Attributes, Benefits, Brand 
- Purchase Knowledge: Where to buy, How to buy, How much, Competitor comparision 
- Usage Knowledge: How to use, What to use it with 
- Self-Knowledge: Do I need it, Can I afford it, Does it match my lifestyle 

4. Pleasure VS Pain
Increase the intensity of the need by highlighting the pleasure of fulfilling the need, or the pain of not fulfilling the need.