A Country Called Heaven

A Country Called Heaven

I want to tell you of a strange and wonderful country, a country where there are no tears or heartaches, a country in which there is no sickness, pain or death. The people who live in this country never get tired. They carry no burdens and they never grow old. No one says good-bye, for separations are unknown, and there are no disappointments. 

In the country of which I am speaking, there is no sin, for no one ever does wrong. There are no accidents of any kind. You will travel for miles and never see a cemetery or meet a funeral procession. There are no undertakers and no morgues. No one ever dies and they need no gravediggers or coffins. The clothes that are worn are bright and glistening and no one dresses in mourning.

It is a country where nothing ever spoils. The flowers never lose their fragrance and the leaves are always green. There are no thunderstorms, no erupting volcanoes, and no earthquakes. Upon those fair shores hurricanes and tidal waves never beat. There are no germs, no pestilence of any kind. The sun never shines and yet it is always light there for there is no night. It is never too hot nor too cold for the temperature is exactly right. Clouds never darken the sky and harsh winds never blow. 

There are no drunkards for no one ever drinks. None are immoral; men and women are pure. There are no illegitimate babies. Prisons, jails and reformatories never darken the landscape. Doors have no locks for there is no crime in this country. No lustful books are read, and unclean pictures are never seen. No taxes are paid and rents are unknown. It is a country free from war and bloodshed.

Yes, and let me tell you something else. There are no cripples to be seen; none are deformed or lame. Nor is anyone blind, deaf or dumb; hence, homes for incurables have never been built for all are well and strong.  

All are healthy; no beggars are seen on the streets for none are destitute and all have enough. Leprosy and cancer, palsy and tuberculosis are words this country have never heard. No asylums are there, for none are feeble minded.
There are no diseases, doctors are never needed and hospitals are unknown. 

You ask how I know all this? Have I been there? No, I have not had the privilege of visiting this wonderful country, but others have. And One, who has lived there a long time, has come and told me a great deal about it. He says it is called Heaven, and this is His description of it: “ And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes, and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain. ” ( Rev. 21: 4 ).  

Do you want to go there? Then get ready. It isn’t difficult.
All you have to do is to open your heart to Jesus Christ, the Lord of this country, and ask Him to come in. Then when the journey of life is ended, you too will go to this country and dwell there forever. Will you do it? Do it – NOW?