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The Latest Trend In Singapore Food? 

(Ratings: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 = Worst and 10 = Best)
Overall: 7
Ambience & Setting: 5
Food & Beverage: 7
Service: 8
Value for Money: 7
Spent about SGD $25 per person.


Thai charcoal steamboat and barbeque, also known as Moo Kata, is very popular in Thailand due to its affordability and opportunity to socialize. Recently, this concept has been catching on in Singapore, and MooJaa is one of the latest to jump on the bandwagon in August 2012. 

Sticking with the traditional way of eating Moo Kata, MooJaa uses a charcoal fire in a claypot, over which is placed a typical Thai steamboat BBQ. This consists of a small dome in the center, surrounded by a shallow ring for the soup. Vegetables and other ingredients are boiled in the soup, while pork lard is used to oil the dome, on which meat is then stacked and cooked. The idea is that the oil and meat drippings will gradually flow down the curved surface of the dome and flavour the soup, together with the other ingredients being boiled. 

Our visit to MooJaa was on a quiet week night, and it was the boss himself who demonstrated to us how to prepare the food. Thumbs up for the service as we had several special dining requests which they accomodated. 

The ambience at MooJaa was quite disappointing. Tables packed quite closely and seating is rather limited, so reserving in advance is recommended. Also, MooJaa is rather poorly ventilated, so the smell of food sticks to your clothes. I definitely won't recommend visiting during lunch, or you'll smell funky the rest of the day. 

The range of food available for steamboat BBQ at MooJaa is good, but not extensive, with options similar to what you'll find at other steamboat places. But how a Thai steamboat and barbeque differs is in the unique preparation method of Moo Kata, and the dipping sauces for the food. MooJaa offers 3 unique types of dipping sauce. 

MooJaa also offers several traditional Thai dishes on ala-carte, though I've yet to try these. 


There are 2 types of sets available, the traditional pork and seafood set, or the chicken and seafood set. 

MooJaa Sets

Thai Iced Tea

Set Moo 01

Set Moo 02

The dipping sauces are what makes this experience 'Thai'. The Lemongrass Sauce is great with seafood while the Garlic Chili is best paired with meat. These home made specialities are made from secret in-house recipes! 

Lemongrass Sauce And Garlic Chili

Chili Padi And Special Chili

The traditional Thai steamboat and barbeque Moo Kata, over a claypot filled with charcoal. 

Traditional Thai Steamboat & Barbeque / BBQ (Moo Kata)