Postman For A Day

Postman For A Day

30-Nov-2012, quite a memorable day!

Went over to her house.

Saw the new car.

Workout through heavy lifting of flyers.

Learnt about SingPost bulk mail delivery and process.

More workout lifting flyers, pallets and bundling.

Drive + Walk.

Late lunch / early dinner at The Ship because she had craving for western food.

Shopping at NEX for winter wear.

Shopping for eyeliner at Watson's, chatting about the 5 human senses, relationships and love. LOL... smell the potential mate.

Shopping for her favourite alcoholic drink... Baileys Irish Cream.

Scouting 4 different condominiums around Bishan and Marine Parade.

Chilling at 1 Twenty-Six + 'The Younger Man'.

Ran into a university friend, found out her new job.

Talked about our 5 year plan, current jobs and christmas parties.