Cafe La Rosa

Cafe La Rosa
117 Liverpool Street
New South Wales 2000

Breakfast With A Smile

(Ratings: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 = Worst and 10 = Best)
Overall: 7
Ambience & Setting: 6
Food & Beverage: 7
Service: 8
Value for Money: 7
Spent about SGD $19 / AUD $16 per person.


Cafe La Rosa is a small, rather homely cafe located along the busy Liverpool Street, outside World Square Mall / Hordern Arcade, in the heart of Sydney central business district (CBD) in the state of New South Wales, Australia. Extremely popular among the busy office workers, Cafe La Rosa is where they stop to pick up their morning coffee, and perhaps a small breakfast bite on their way to work.

Ambience at Cafe La Rosa is simple and homely. Furniture is largely functional in nature, though not much to look at. Cafe La Rosa does offer both indoor and outdoor seating, though the actual floor space is rather small and cramped. Decor is minimal, but the good thing is this place is rarely crowded.

The service at Cafe La Rosa is what makes people keep coming back here, aside from the good food. Staff are friendly, and make good conversation. More importantly, they're efficient, which is always important during morning rush hours when everyone is trying to get to work. Baristas Manny and Atha make really good coffee here, and Cafe La Rosa is definitely among one of the better places in Sydney for a Latte.

Food at Cafe La Rosa is very good. Portions are generous and filling, and many will attest to the flavourful dishes they serve. Their breakfast items are especially popular. Cuisine is styled after British countryside / layman food, which means simple, rustic, flavourful and hearty. Fresh prepared upon order in only a short time (~ 5 minutes or so), and served with a smile. I would highly recommend a visit to Cafe La Rosa for anyone who visits / lives in Sydney. Remember to try their coffee!


Homely, comfortable furniture and simple casual decor aren't the reasons why customers flock here... They come for the quick pick-me-up from the excellent morning coffee, and the cheery, friendly conversation from staff.

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The Latte here is really good. Strong, flavourful and fragrant... A winning combination on a cold winter morning!


Loved the generous portion of the Omelette With Ham, Cheese, Mushrooms. The fluffy goodness of the eggs, the savoury, salty flavour of the mushrooms and ham made this dish stand out for me. Very filling though, also partly due to the use of Cheese... Rather heavy for a breakfast. The weakest part of this dish is the rather insipid presentation.

Omelette With Ham, Cheese, Mushrooms 01

Omelette With Ham, Cheese, Mushrooms 02

Omelette With Ham, Cheese, Mushrooms 03

The Eggs Benedict With Smoked Salmon has a perfectly poached, runny egg, sitting on top of a nicely toasted english muffin. The accompanying tomato was well grilled and juicy. The ham and smoked salmon were good. I felt that the dish would have benefitted more if a small salad was included, as it would lend variety and colour to the overall dish.

Eggs Benedict With Smoked Salmon 01

Eggs Benedict With Smoked Salmon 02