Sparrow And Finch

Sparrow And Finch
100 Creek Street
Queensland 4000

Casual, Affordable And Quick Dining

(Ratings: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 = Worst and 10 = Best)
Overall: 8
Ambience & Setting: 6
Food & Beverage: 8
Service: 7
Value for Money: 8
Spent about SGD $20 / AUD $17 per person.


Sparrow And Finch, otherwise known as Sparrow And Finch Espresso Bar Pizza, is a casual cafe that offers quick dining at affordable prices in the heart of the Brisbane central business district (CBD). Offering breakfast and lunch, as well as dinner on selected days, Sparrow And Finch is a popular place for a bite, due to its quick service and great tasting food.

Ambience at Sparrow And Finch is good. Indoor seating is rather limited, but the ample outdoor seating makes up for it... provided it doesn't rain. Furniture is comfortable and functional, but not very opulent. Decor is minimal. The biggest draw is the open counter which displays their range of food prepared for the day, behind a huge covered glass. Most people in Brisbane don't exactly visit Sparrow And Finch for the ambience though.

Because Sparrow And Finch caters to busy executives and office workers, service is quick and efficient, with a focus on high turnover in the shortest time. Thus, food is mostly pre-prepared, and kept warm / chilled at the open glass counter. If the order has to be prepared, it's fulfilled very quickly, within 5 to 10 minutes at most. Fortunately, quality of food is never compromised, and you'll still get great tasting dishes. You won't have much opportunity to converse with staff though.

Food at Sparrow And Finch is of good quality, and portions are large. Ingredients used are fresh, and prices are rather reasonable, being slightly cheaper or comparable to other cafes in the area. They specialise in burgers, salads, sandwiches, pizza, coffee, milkshakes and beer.

Sparrow And Finch, otherwise known as Sparrow And Finch Espresso Bar Pizza, is typically crowded during meal times. Many Brisbane people order take away. If possible, visit Sparrow And Finch early, or go during off peak hours.


The appetizing display of food at the counter is what draws in the crowds, but it's the great taste and quality of dishes that keep them coming back.

Sparrow And Finch Counter

Hot Food And Carvery

Carvery Ham

The traditional Australian Hamburger With The Lot is listed on the menu as the 'Sparrow Burger With Fries'. Despite the rather odd name, the juicy, grilled mince beef patty is a winner, and goes well with the 2 sesame seed burger buns, fried egg, bacon slices, cheese, romaine lettuce, onions, tomato, pineapple and beetroot. Excellent taste, good value for money, and very filling. I actually couldn't get my mouth around it, as it was so tall! Attempt to eat only if hungry.

Hamburger With The Lot 01

Hamburger With The Lot 02

Hamburger With The Lot 03

Hamburger With The Lot 04