Good Property Agents

Good Property Agents In Singapore

2 of the best property agents in Singapore, from ERA Realty Network real estate. Both are top producers in the company, and I have utmost trust in them with regards to dealing with real estate and property in Singapore.

I like that they are not only current with property market trends, but can also provide good advice on buying and selling of property in Singapore.

They've also helpfully supplied useful contact numbers below. Just as a disclaimer, yes they are my friends. No, they did not pay me to advertise for them. But you won't regret choosing them.

Jessie Tan
jessietancs @ era . com . sg
+65 - 9852 0848

Jessie Tan 2013 Top Achiever

Benson Fong
fongkk81 @ hotmail . com
+65 - 9029 2790

Benson Fong Interview With Straits Times