Saint Marc Cafe

Saint Marc Cafe
1 HarbourFront Walk
#01-108 VivoCity

6 Raffles Boulevard
#02-184 Marina Square

Fusion Dessert Bakery With Good Pastries

(Ratings: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 = Worst and 10 = Best)
Overall: 7
Ambience & Setting: 7
Food & Beverage: 7
Service: 6
Value for Money: 8
Spent about SGD $9 per person.


Despite the Italian sounding name, Saint Marc Cafe is actually a Japanese patisserie utilizing French pastry making techniques. Established in 1998 in Tokyo, Saint Marc Cafe has since expanded worldwide, serving a vast variety of pastries, dessert, and drinks at affordable prices.

Ambience at Saint Marc Cafe is casual minimalist, with decor consisting of several small pictures. The surrounding is open, with warm hues making the interior seem inviting. A large display cabinet outside draws attention, though the fake Japanese display is rather un-lifelike.

Saint Marc Cafe believes in self-service, you'll have to queue and place orders at the counter, then collect when ready. Thumbs up for their quick order fulfillment though, you'll rarely have to wait longer than 10 minutes, even despite peak periods.

Saint Marc Cafe specialises in desserts, namely; cakes, parfaits, waffles, and pastries. Made with French pastry techniques, and influenced by French, Italian, and Japanese, their menu is a fusion of east and west flavours. To accompany these, they have a good selection of drinks, especially their coffee which is made fresh daily.


Above average coffee and a comfortable interior means people spend more time chilling here.

Saint Marc Cafe Exterior

Vietnam Coffee


Hot Chocolate

The Yamitsuki Dog is literally translated as 'Addictive Dog'. Featuring a long, juicy chicken cheese sausage baked inside a soft bread roll, the Yamitsuki Dog is enhanced with spicy black pepper and sharp yellow mustard, making each bite a kick.

Yamitsuki Dog 01

Yamitsuki Dog 02

The signature house speciality is the Chococro Chocolate, featuring a bitter-sweet chocolate made from a blend of Ghana and Ecuador cacao beans, stuffed within a crisp, flaky, buttery croissant that shatters when bit. Lovely and satisfying.

Chococro Chocolate 01

Chococro Chocolate 02

An excellent dessert for those with a sweet tooth, the Little Fuji is named for that famous mountain in Chubu, Japan. A towering swirl of vanilla ice cream sits atop the signature flaky pastry dough, with lashings of thick caramel syrup, making this a decadent dessert.

Little Fuji 01

Little Fuji 02

While visually similar to the kind of crisp biscuits you'll get in Taiwan or Japan, the Bispea Milk is quite terrible, as it seems like it has gone soft from exposure to air. Avoid!

Bispea Milk