Relish By Wild Rocket

Relish By Wild Rocket
501 Bukit Timah Road
#02-01 Cluny Court

1 Maju Avenue
#02-07 My Village @ Serangoon Garden

Excellent Modern Fusion Food But Inconsistent Service

(Ratings: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 = Worst and 10 = Best)
Overall: 8
Ambience & Setting: 8
Food & Beverage: 9
Service: 5
Value for Money: 7
Spent about SGD $22 per person.


A spinoff from celebrity chef Willin Low famed Wild Rocket, Relish By Wild Rocket focuses on serving tasty, fun burgers and pasta, incorporating the same style of fusion that Chef Low is known for.

Ambience at Relish By Wild Rocket utilizes high ceilings, open spaces, and natural lighting contrasted by dark colours to give a casual, modern, slightly industrial vibe. Huge oversized lampshades draw the eye, while the standard burger joint blackboard frames a wall. Actual lighting at night is quite dim though.

Service may be inconsistent at Relish By Wild Rocket. Personally, I've only experienced good service, with staff being polite and efficient, but I've seen staff keep other diners wanting to order waiting for 15 minutes, while they collected payment, checked their phones, or stood around. Don't understand why they couldn't take orders first, then settle the rest later, rather than making the diners upset while waiting.

Food at Relish By Wild Rocket is excellent. The burgers are freshly made to order, and comprised of quality cuts of beef such as chuck, shin, or rib-eye. Each item blends some element of Asian influence with Western influence. Portions are decent, and prices are quite affordable. Relish By Wild Rocket also offers all day breakfast / brunch on weekends.


They have a small selection of craft beer on the menu. The Beer Silly Saison wins points for its fun and playful name, a deep amber colour with a thick foam head, and an intense strawberry aroma while being light and sweet. The Beer Blanche Titje has a golden, slighty cloudy appearance, with a light, slightly spicy note with hints of orange and coriander, and a refreshing texture. The Beer Fruli Strawberry is a unique blend of white beer and strawberry juice, with a bright orange amber colour, and a refreshing zesty taste.

Beer Silly Saison

Beer Blanche Titje

Beer Fruli Strawberry

The famous Blue Cheese And William Pear Beef Burger (SGD $18.80) features a thick, juicy beef patty grilled to perfection, paired with sticky, chunky walnut peanut butter, sharp blue auvergne cheese, fresh arugula, and sweet poached pear. Extremely lovely and satisfying, each mouthful an intense flavour burst.

Blue Cheese And William Pear Beef Burger 01

Blue Cheese And William Pear Beef Burger 02

Blue Cheese And William Pear Beef Burger 03

The Soft Shell Chili Crab And Squid Ink Burger (SGD $15.80) combines a crisp fried soft shell crab, fresh lettuce and tomato, masak merah chili crab sauce, all between flavourful squid ink burger buns. Sweet with hints of spicy in the mouth, not too greasy, this is a big winner.

Soft Shell Chili Crab And Squid Ink Burger 01

Soft Shell Chili Crab And Squid Ink Burger 02

Soft Shell Chili Crab And Squid Ink Burger 03

Soft Shell Chili Crab And Squid Ink Burger 04

Loved the crisp Hand Made Milk Batter Onion Rings With Curry Mayo (SGD $7.80), flavourful milk batter gives it a unique taste unlike any other onions rings, and it helps that the onions slices are thick cut as well, retaining some bite without the sharpness. Paired well with the tasty curry mayo.

Hand Made Milk Batter Onion Rings With Curry Mayo 01

Hand Made Milk Batter Onion Rings With Curry Mayo 02

Only available during weekends on their brunch menu, The Breakfast Burger (SGD $18.90) features crisp toasted muffins, fresh tomato and baby spinach on a unique pork and apple sausage patty. At once both savoury and sweet, the pork and apple sausage patty is grilled to perfection. Served alongside baked beans sprinkled with herbs, and sauteed shiitake mushrooms, this is a dish worth waking up for!

The Breakfast Burger 01

The Breakfast Burger 02

The Breakfast Burger 03

In true European style, the Relish Breakfast Platter (SGD $18.90) features perfectly fluffy scrambled eggs, smooth and semi-runny, on a soft English muffin slice, along with warm baked beans that are fragrant with intense tomato sauce flavour, a meaty and thick pork sausage, and soft sauteed field mushrooms. Very good and satisfying!

Relish Breakfast Platter

The Mixed Saute Mushroom & Cheese Beef Burger (SGD $16.40) has a tender, perfectly medium rare, thick beef patty that is well formed and still juicy within! The sauteed mixed mushrooms are fresh and juicy, lending a fragrant, earthy aroma, while the melted cheese just oozes off in strings. Excellent!

Mixed Saute Mushroom & Cheese Beef Burger 01

Mixed Saute Mushroom & Cheese Beef Burger 02

Mixed Saute Mushroom & Cheese Beef Burger 03

The Spicy Corned Beef Spaghettini (SGD $15.80) is rightly a favourite here. Thin, well cooked spaghettini is mixed with corned beef, and livened with a dash of chili. The spicy kick of each mouthful makes this dish interesting to eat, pairing well with the savoury and salty corned beef. Very good!

Spicy Corned Beef Spaghettini 01

Spicy Corned Beef Spaghettini 02