Maison Kayser

Maison Kayser
6 Scotts Road
#B1-09 Scotts Square

501 Orchard Road
#B2-01 Wheelock Place

200 Turf Club Road
#01-11 The Grandstand

Truely Excellent French Bread And Pastries

(Ratings: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 = Worst and 10 = Best)
Overall: 9
Ambience & Setting: 6
Food & Beverage: 9
Service: 7
Value for Money: 8
Spent about SGD $15 per person.


Named for Master Baker and Founder Eric Kayser, Maison Kayser was established in 1996 in Paris, France. Since then it has grown worldwide, with at least 1 bakery in most major cities. Maison Kayser is well known for its innovative baking techniques and equipment, including several designed by the founder himself, such as the Fermentolevain machine which maintains liquid leaven at ideal temperatures.

Ambience at Maison Kayser is casual and functional. Layout is spacious, though furniture seems to show signs of aging. This isn't a place known for ambience. Service at Maison Kayser is above average, while staff are polite and efficient, attracting their attention requires a bit of work. They seem a bit shorthanded too.

Maison Kayser specialises in authentic French breads and pastries, made according to traditional recipes. A strict attention to detail and insistence on quality when producing their products means Maison Kayser has extremely well made and tasty bread. Bakers usually train for over 1 year just to master the house techniques of slow kneading and long fermentation, and each bakery is overseen by a Master Baker who is trained in all the recipes.

Surprisingly, the distinctive premium quality of Maison Kayser is offset by their reasonable and affordable prices, which most breads and pastries costing between SGD $3 - $8. Maison Kayser is also known for incorporating local flavours into their products with French patisserie techniques, producing some interesting fusion flavours.


The traditional French Éclair Chocolate And Éclair Vanilla (SGD $4), stuffed full with sweet cream filling. Lovely when cold.

Éclair Chocolate And Éclair Vanilla

Drinks are an afterthought here, and the Latte (SGD $7) is below average. Nothing special, and skipping it is an option. Their traditional French breads such as the Baguette, Campagne and Ekmek are pretty good.



Campagne & Ekmek

An excellent flaky, buttery Croissant (SGD $4) that is crisp, tasty and not too rich or oily. Very good.


The Bostock (SGD $3) is a French brioche egg bread, coated with almond syrup and studded with almond chips. Sweet, and tastes like a sponge cake. Very good.


For those with a sweet tooth, there is the Bichon Poire Caramel (SGD $6), a flaky, buttery, crisp pastry shell filled with a mixture of caramelised pears and caramel sauce. Extremely sweet and rich, a decadent dessert pastry.

Bichon Poire Caramel 01

Bichon Poire Caramel 02

The Assorted Bread Trio, served with a set meal. Very good bread, even without any toppings, and good when eaten plain for the natural flavour.

Assorted Bread Trio

The Corn Soup here is more sweet than savoury, which may appeal to some. Thin in texture, but rich with corn flavour.

Corn Soup

The Kayser Chicken Parcel (SGD $17) is a fusion of French, Chinese and Japanese cooking techniques. A paper wrapped and baked chicken meat like a sausage roll, and the meat is coated with Japanese soy sauce, honey, and sesame oil. Savoury, salty and fragrant, good for a light meal.

Kayser Chicken Parcel 01

Kayser Chicken Parcel 02

Kayser Chicken Parcel 03