Burp Kitchen & Bar Tasting Session

Burp Kitchen & Bar Tasting Session
740 Bedok Reservoir Road #01-3165

259 Tanjong Katong Road

Opening Hours:
Tue - Fri: 4pm - 12am,
Sat - Sun: 12pm - 12am,
Closed Mon


This was an invited media review. I did not pay for the meal during the free hosted tasting session.
Attended with representatives from Chubby Botak Koala, Jelly Love Fats, msginginly, The Arctic Star, and Her Pen And Fork.

Honey Lime Paprika Chicken Wings (SGD $12)

Rustic Gastrobar With Modern Fusion Dishes

(Ratings: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 = Worst and 10 = Best)
Overall: 7
Ambience & Setting: 6
Food & Beverage: 7
Service: 7
Value for Money: 8
Spent about SGD $22 per person.


Opening its doors in November 2015, Burp Kitchen & Bar has done well enough to expand to 2 outlets. Offering hearty modern fusion cuisine within a rustic industrial setting, the main draw at Burp Kitchen & Bar are their large portions and affordable prices.

Burp Kitchen & Bar Signage
Burp Kitchen & Bar Signage

Ambience at Burp Kitchen & Bar is casual, with a rustic industrial vibe. Think dim lighting, tight walls, and wooden and metal furniture against black walls. The best thing is their large projector screen with good surround sound for watching sports, but the enclosed area quickly fills with a light cooking odour, which sticks to your clothing.

Burp Kitchen & Bar Exterior

Burp Kitchen & Bar Interior

Service at Burp Kitchen & Bar is decent enough. The young staff are friendly, efficient at carrying out requests and fulfilling orders, knowledgeable enough on the menu to make recommendations. Beyond the bartender, there is little other engagement with staff. Generally, standards here are competent and sufficient enough for a cafe, but not as good as a restaurant as it feels slightly cold.


Food at Burp Kitchen & Bar is a hybrid of Western and Asian influences, a true modern fusion cuisine. I find dishes to be bold in flavour, creative in the pairing of east and west ingredients. Portions are large and hearty, more than enough for individuals, and are best shared. Prices are affordable, more so than elsewhere, very wallet-friendly. Budget about SGD $22 per person for a full meal here. Good enough even for tertiary students!



A trio of house made Christmas cocktails, created especially for Christmas 2016. The Cocktail The Grinch (SGD $10) is a blend of bourbon, orange, and peppermint. The Cocktail White Christmas (SGD $10) is a blend of rum, egg white, orange, and lemon. The Cocktail Christmas Punch (SGD $10) is a blend of rum, orange, pineapple, and grenadine.

Cocktail The Grinch (SGD $10)

Cocktail The Grinch

Cocktail White Christmas (SGD $10)

Cocktail White Christmas

Cocktail Christmas Punch (SGD $10)

Cocktail Christmas Punch

Loved the Beef Chili Totchos (SGD $12)! A spin on a classic nachos snack, this has a base of crisp, fluffy, savoury potato tots / hash browns, topped with a generous heap of savoury juicy minced beef, sharp sour spicy sliced jalapenos, and gooey American cheese. Big, bold flavours, so good, so comforting. Highly recommended!

Beef Chili Totchos (SGD $12)

Beef Chili Totchos

A serving of straightforward Spam Fries With Lime Mayo (SGD $12), featuring long strips of meaty, savoury salty luncheon meat / spam. The unique spin is a light dusting of crystal sugar cubes, which lends a nice sweet contrast of flavour, without overwhelming the distinct savoury salty taste of this appetizer. Good!

Spam Fries With Lime Mayo (SGD $12)

Spam Fries With Lime Mayo

The Tacos Grilled Shrimp (SGD $12) feature juicy sweet deshelled shrimp / prawns, tossed in cajun spices, grilled lightly, topped with tomato salsa fresca, garlic cilantro lime mayonnaise, and served on warm, soft flour tortillas. Great flavour, but we felt it was too salty due to the heavy seasoning, could be better.

Tacos Grilled Shrimp (SGD $12)

Tacos Grilled Shrimp

They specialise in tasty slow cooked BBQ / barbecue pulled pork here, so it's no surprise that the Tacos Pork Carnitas (SGD $12) are among their most popular, best selling dishes. And with good reason, the warm soft flour totillas are packed with a generous heap of juicy, savoury, tender strips of pulled pork, big on bold barbecue flavour, with a light tangy sweetness. Finished with a fruity sweet apple slaw, and bright notes from the tomato salsa fresca. Highly recommended!

Tacos Pork Carnitas (SGD $12)

Tacos Pork Carnitas

The signature Tom Yum Chicken Mushroom Linguine (SGD $14) may have linguine pasta noodles which were slightly softer than I would've liked, but the complex layered flavours of the diced chicken in tom yum spices, a blend of sour savoury salty spicy fiery, paired with smoky salty bacon, was pretty good. While I would have liked more al-dente pasta noodles, and more of the natural taste of the chicken to come through, this is still a decent enough dish, as bacon makes everything better. Worth ordering!

Tom Yum Chicken Mushroom Linguine (SGD $14)

Tom Yum Chicken Mushroom Linguine

Of the 2 burgers we sampled, my favourite is the Burger The Hog (SGD $14). Fluffy soft sweet brioche burger buns, layered with crunchy baby romaine lettuce, American cheese, sweet caramelised onions, a fruity tart mixed berry jam, smoky salty bacon strips, and a savoury juicy homemade pork patty. The layers of flavours complement so well in this decadent treat. Highly recommended!

Burger The Hog (SGD $14)

Burger The Hog

The signature Burger Triple Cheese (SGD $15) features soft, fluffy charcoal burger buns that have a slight crisp edge. It sandwiches crunchy baby romaine lettuce, American cheese, stringy mozzarella cheese, nutty cheddar cheese, sweet caramelised onions, sweet tangy barbecue sauce, smoky salty bacon strips, and a savoury juicy homemade beef patty. The beef patty is not that tightly packed, and comes apart easily, but the flavour is solid, and will please most. Good!

Burger Triple Cheese (SGD $15)

Burger Triple Cheese

The Honey Lime Paprika Chicken Wings (SGD $12) have juicy, tender chicken meat, pulling off easily from the chicken wings, with a nice clean sweet taste. Coated in a floral sweet, sharp sour, and slightly spiced mixture of honey, lime juice, and paprika, this seemed to disappear too quickly. Highly recommended!

Honey Lime Paprika Chicken Wings (SGD $12)

Honey Lime Paprika Chicken Wings

Overall, Burp Kitchen & Bar offers a decent dining experience, suitable enough for everyday dining. The casual yet average ambience is offset by large potions of tasty food at affordable prices. And while the friendly, efficient service could be more attentive, Burp Kitchen & Bar is well worth a visit.