Times Square Restaurant Tasting Session

Times Square Restaurant Tasting Session - Closed
86 East Coast Road
#01-05 Katong Square

Opening Hours:
Sun - Fri: 12pm - 11pm,
Sat: 11am - 12am


This was an invited media review. I did not pay for the meal during the free hosted tasting session, but I did pay the standard price during subsequent visits.
Attended with representatives from HungryGoWhere, The Arctic Star, Purple Taste, and Epicurious Caniggia.

Purple Cauliflower
Purple Cauliflower

Melting Pot Of Flavours, Artfully Executed

(Ratings: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 = Worst and 10 = Best)
Overall: 8
Ambience & Setting: 6
Food & Beverage: 8
Service: 8
Value for Money: 8
Spent about SGD $31 per person.


Inspired by and named after the eponymous location in New York City, New York, United States Of America, the Times Square Restaurant in Katong Square mall, which opened in November 2016, is a casual dining restaurant offering a heady blend of American cuisine, culture, and art. Times Square Restaurant is akin to a meeting place of sorts, a culinary fusion, just like the place it's named after. What makes Times Square Restaurant stand out, is their commitment to detail in their food, hand crafting many items from scratch, and presenting it as works of art.

Times Square Restaurant Signage
Times Square Restaurant Signage

Times Square Restaurant Exterior

Times Square Restaurant Interior

Screen Capture

Ambience at Times Square Restaurant takes its inspiration from the bright, urban colours of the streets. A sleek and shiny black background serves as the canvas for eye-catching, colourful and vibrant artwork, featuring pop culture icons of the past. Large LCD panels with rotating photos, and a movie projector screen showing cartoons, call to mind the huge advertising displays along the street of Times Square. Even the chairs are directly inspired, the vibrant yellow colour is a tribute to the yellow taxi cabs of the city. The only demerit point would be the unusually warm environment, rather stuffy, though this is more a fault of Katong Square mall, as the central air-conditioning is weak.





Service at Times Square Restaurant is friendly and personable. Staff are quick to greet and seat diners, and are particularly engaging, seemingly happy to converse. Does feel American in that respect. They display decent product knowledge, being able to offer recommendations, but we also had the pleasure of Chef Paul Then introducing the intricacies of each dish. Hopefully, some of the finer points of dishes will be communicated by the other staff as well. I like that they change plates after each course, akin to a fine dining restaurant style, and also check for feedback on your meal.


Table Decor

Art - New York

Art - Times Square

Art - Lady

Art - Batman

Art - Superman

Food at Times Square Restaurant is modern American cuisine, in the sense that it's a melting pot of fusion. Most commendable is the fact that everything (currently) is painstakingly home made, a tough, time consuming task. This includes the pasta, pizza dough, even the bread and dessert pastries are all made in-house. Being new, Times Square Restaurant is still experimenting with their menu, so expect changes. Generally, dishes are delicious, made with fresh seasonal produce, having intricate execution and precision, with complementing layers of flavour. Beautifully and artfully plated, a delight for all senses. Portions are large for individuals, and are best shared. Prices are affordable, comparable to most casual eateries, though the quality received far exceeds it, incredibly good value for money. Budget about SGD $31 per person for a meal here.

Times Square Restaurant Menu Food
Menu Food

Menu Brunch

Times Square Restaurant Menu Drinks & Cocktails
Menu Drinks & Cocktails

Menu Wine

Menu Premium Spirits

Row Of Coloured Liquids

Love both the Milkshake Chocolate (SGD $12) and the Milkshake Strawberry (SGD $12). The house made beverages are smooth and thick in texture, yet not too heavy or filling. Balanced sweetness, with good flavour from the chocolate or strawberry. Complements the bold flavours from the food. Worth ordering!

Milkshake Chocolate (SGD $12)

Milkshake Strawberry (SGD $12)

The house made cocktails, including the Cocktail Papa Doble (SGD $16), Cocktail New York New York (SGD $18), and the Cocktail Times Square Cooler (SGD $18), all have a strong sour bitter flavour. They look rather similar as well. A lot of citrus is used in these, and personally, I preferred the other drinks.

Cocktail Papa Doble (SGD $16)

Cocktail New York New York (SGD $18)

Cocktail Times Square Cooler (SGD $18)

The Beer Stone IPA (SGD $9 / $13) is an American style India pale ale, brewed by Stone Brewing in Escondido, San Diego County, California, United States Of America. It has a hazy orange amber colour with a thick off-white head, with aromas of pineapple, mango, malt, and pine resin. The body is full and rounded, with a medium high fizzy carbonation, sweet bitter, astringent, with a slight sour feel. Tastes of hops, orange, caramel, and grapefruit. The finish is dry and long, with a heavy bitter backbone. Quite a solid, aggressive beer.

Beer Stone IPA (SGD $9 / $13)

The Beer Peroni (SGD $9 / $13) is an Italian pale lager, brewed by Birra Peroni Industriale (SABMiller) in Rome, in the Lazio region of Italy. It has a clear golden colour with a frothy white foam head, aromas of corn, malt, hops, and barley. The thin, refreshing body is dry and crisp, with tastes of wheat, dew, bread, and faint banana. Finish is quick, with little bitterness. Good!

Beer Peroni (SGD $9 / $13)

The Home Made Ginger Beer is not for sale (which is a real shame), because it takes up to 5 days to prepare a batch. Used as an ingredient in the cocktails, we were fortunate enough to sample it, straight. Has a lovely floral spice fragrance, sweet and sharp spicy that is pleasant enough, little bit of fiery bite that is balanced. Makes you crave more. Loved this.

Home Made Ginger Beer

Home Made Ginger Beer
Home Made Ginger Beer

Home Made Ginger Beer

The Match Stick Fries (SGD $12) are classic Australian style, thick cut, fluffy chips that have solid potato flavour. Dusted with truffle salt and a sprinkling of parmesan cheese, served piping hot. While these were rather addictive, I felt they could be more generous with the cheese. Worth ordering!

Match Stick Fries (SGD $12)

Match Stick Fries

The Tomato Confit (SGD $15) is unique for its base of crisp, flaky filo puff pastry, layered with sweet confit of tomato, bright, juicy, and floral. Fresh mesclun salad and gooey provolone cheese complete this simple, yet satisfiying appetizer. Worth ordering!

Tomato Confit (SGD $15)

Tomato Confit

The Salted Salmon Salad (SGD $15) features a runny poached egg nestled amongst sun-dried tomatoes, strips of salty smoked salmon, haricot beans, and roasted baby potatoes, with a glaze of tarragon herb bearnaise sauce. Despite the intricate execution, this was the most normal, average tasting dish here. Can't say I recommend it.

Salted Salmon Salad (SGD $15)

Salted Salmon Salad

Salted Salmon Salad

The effort that goes into the California Crab Cakes (SGD $18) is commendable. Fresh deshelled crab meat, sweet and clean tasting, is tightly packed with a trio of bell pepper / capsicum, and fresh herbs. Comfort snack that is tasty and satisfiying.

California Crab Cakes (SGD $18)

California Crab Cakes

The Prawn And Crab Meat Slaw (SGD $18) has an elaborate preparation. Fresh sweet deshelled prawns are paired with a cumin cracker crisp, which explodes with a savoury spice flavour. A home made carrot cake, which has layers upon layers of tender, sweet carrots, topped with tapenade, a mix of olives, anchovies, capers, and dressed in olive oil. Finished with crunchy purple cabbage and sweet deshelled crab meat. The contrast of flavours and textures is beautiful. Worth ordering!

Prawn And Crab Meat Slaw (SGD $18)

Prawn And Crab Meat Slaw

Prawn And Crab Meat Slaw - Carrot Cake

The Rosti Potatoes & Pastrami (SGD $18) was the weakest dish I had here. A simple pan fried rosti potato, slightly over done such that the middle is soft and starchy, though I like the crispy edges. Topped with a nice dollop of sour cream. The disappointment arose from the peppered turkey ham pastrami, which was dry and flat. Not good.

Rosti Potatoes & Pastrami (SGD $18)

Rosti Potatoes & Pastrami

The Grilled Salmon Steak (SGD $28) is decent. I like that the fillets of salmon fish are large, with a nice tender, flaky, oily texture and a sweet savoury taste. The salad of broccolini, zucchini, carrots, yellow squash, and roasted baby potatoes, on a bed of guacamole, was excellent. However, I wish the dill cream sauce was lighter, and the salmon fish slightly less done. Decent dish.

Grilled Salmon Steak (SGD $28)

Grilled Salmon Steak

Loved the House French Toast (SGD $15), which came highly recommended by staff. Fragrant, crisp slices of buttered white bread toast, coated in a layer of cunchy cornflakes, glazed with a rich, sweet butterscotch sauce, and warm slightly caramelised bananas. Served with a cherry compote on the side and a garnish of blue cheese. Loved the sweet crunchy notes of this treat, though I felt they could have done without the blue cheese. Still, an excellent dish. Highly recommended!

House French Toast (SGD $15)

House French Toast

House French Toast

The Pizza Roast Spicy Lamb (SGD $22) is pretty straightforward meat lover's style of pizza. Has a thin, crisp pizza dough, made in-house, and toasted in a modern electric oven that senses the thickness of the dough, then bakes it like a woodfired oven. Garnished with onions, bell pepper / capsicum, spicy minced lamb, chorizo sausage, olives, and feta cheese. Taste is savoury salty spicy, with a burst of flavour from the milky cheese. Good!

Pizza Roast Spicy Lamb (SGD $22)

Pizza Roast Spicy Lamb

The Pizza Seafood Otah (SGD $18) is among the best dishes here. Featuring that same, crisp in-house pizza base, this is garnished with onions, scallops, mussels, prawns, along with house made mackeral fish otah and sambal belachan chili. Bold sweet savoury spicy notes, slight lingering burn from the chili, this pizza really is a true modern Singaporean creation. Shiok. Highly recommended!

Pizza Seafood Otah (SGD $18)

Pizza Seafood Otah

The Pizza BBQ Chicken (SGD $18) has a nicely balanced flavour, more savoury than sweet, with only a slight tangy taste. I like that it doesn't have that artificial barbecue sauce flavour. Featuring that same, crisp in-house pizza base, this is garnished with chunks of smoked barbecue chicken, wild button mushrooms, wild rocket leaves / arugula, and herbs. Delicious. Worth ordering!

Pizza BBQ Chicken (SGD $18)

Pizza BBQ Chicken

The Curry Pilaf Seafood Au Gratin (SGD $25) features a bed of fluffy pilaf rice, fragrant and easy to separate. Covered in a decadent layer of cheese and a Hainanese style fusion seafood curry, dotted with a generous portion of fresh seafood including scallops, mussels, prawns, and broccolini. Overall, the dish is presented as a Hong Kong style baked cheese / curry rice. This was among the best dishes we had here, incredibly tasty, full of comforting flavour. Highly recommended!

Curry Pilaf Seafood Au Gratin (SGD $25)

Curry Pilaf Seafood Au Gratin

Curry Pilaf Seafood Au Gratin

Curry Pilaf Seafood Au Gratin

Curry Pilaf Seafood Au Gratin

The Times Square Lobster Capellini Pasta (SGD $34) is an American Italian dish of chilled, thin, slippery capellini pasta noodles, layered with a whole deshelled Boston lobster and crunchy young asparagus, with a light truffle butter gravy. The pasta is incredibly satisfiying, long and slippery and easy to slurp, while the lobster is meaty and sweet, with a bright clean freshness, complemented by the earthy buttery sauce. Highly recommended!

Times Square Lobster Capellini Pasta (SGD $34)

Times Square Lobster Capellini Pasta

Times Square Lobster Capellini Pasta

The Singapore Chili Crab Pasta (SGD $25) features a generous topping of seafood over slightly soft spaghetti pasta noodles. Fresh prawns, mussels, scallops, deshelled crab meat, bell peppers / capsicum, plus a runny poached egg that lends good depth and body to the dish. However, the overly sweet gravy, tasting more of tomato, misses the mark of a good chili crab gravy.

Singapore Chili Crab Pasta (SGD $25)

Singapore Chili Crab Pasta

The Lamb Chops, Macadamia Crusts (SGD $28) is an intriciate, elaborate, beautiful work of art, and a gastronomic experience in itself. The Lamb Chop In Bearnaise Sauce is tender and savoury with a hint of salty, juicy and tears off the bone easily, while the creamy sauce is fragrant with herbs.

The Roasted Baby Potatoes, Salad Of The Day With Carrot, Daikon Radish, Zucchini, Sun-Dried Tomato, Purple Cauliflower In Carrot Puree is a riot of colours, a pretty salad that combines and layers various textures into a tasty work of art. Finally, the Bacon Wrapped Lamb Medallion With Panko Breadcrumb, Macadamia, And Herb Crust boasts both fatty and nutty flavours, a decadent treat for the senses. Overall, a fantastic dish I would order again. Highly recommended!

Lamb Chops, Macadamia Crusts (SGD $28)

Lamb Chops, Macadamia Crusts

Lamb Chops, Macadamia Crusts - Bacon Wrapped Lamb Medallion With Panko Breadcrumb, Macadamia, And Herb Crust

Lamb Chops, Macadamia Crusts - Roasted Baby Potatoes, Salad Of The Day With Carrot, Daikon Radish, Zucchini, Sun-Dried Tomato, Purple Cauliflower In Carrot Puree

Lamb Chops, Macadamia Crusts - Lamb Chop In Bearnaise Sauce

The Ribeye Of Beef (SGD $35 / 220g) is served with that same excellent salad that combines and layers various textures into a tasty work of art, but the carrot puree has been changed to pea puree instead. The potato wedges have a slightly crisp exterior, with a soft fluffy interior that carries good potato flavour. The beef ribeye steak is tender and juicy, with a bold savoury salty flavour, and a good amount of fatty portions, which can be easily removed if you choose. Loved the robust meaty chew, and the gravy of wild button mushrooms and garlic butter lends a rich depth of taste. Highly recommended!

Ribeye Of Beef (SGD $35 / 220g)

Ribeye Of Beef

Ribeye Of Beef

Ribeye Of Beef

Ribeye Of Beef

Ribeye Of Beef

What I like best about the Times Square Bagel Beef Burger (SGD $25) is their home made bagel burger buns. Unlike regular bagels, which are more firm, this is soft and chewy, with a nice salty flavour. It sandwiches a thick, savoury, juicy grilled beef patty, coated with double slices of American cheese, juicy fresh tomato, sweet onion marmalade, crunchy lettuce, sour pickled gherkins, and a sherry mushroom sauce. Served with a fresh garden salad, and piping hot medium thick fries, infused with a light truffle oil. Great tasting American comfort food. Good!

Times Square Bagel Beef Burger (SGD $25)

Times Square Bagel Beef Burger

Times Square Bagel Beef Burger

Times Square Bagel Beef Burger

The Deconstructed Strawberry Shortcake (SGD $18) dessert is served in a wine glass, and features fresh strawberries in a sweet strawberry sauce, topped with strawberry ice cream, ginger infused cheese, and a sugar crystal disc. This was overly sweet, the flavours completely overwhelm everything. I didn't enjoy this.

Deconstructed Strawberry Shortcake (SGD $18)

Deconstructed Strawberry Shortcake

The Chocolate Sensation (SGD $18) is a combination of 2 dessert. The smaller of the 2 is a flourless white chocolate sponge cake, filled with a rich molten white chocolate that oozes out slowly when cut. The bigger of the 2 is a crunchy hazelnut praline wafer biscuit, which sandwiches a chocolate mille-feuille, topped with a rich, sour sweet raspberry sorbet. Lovely to look at, delicious to eat. Highly recommended!

Chocolate Sensation (SGD $18)

Chocolate Sensation

Chocolate Sensation

The Sphere (SGD $15) dessert features a warm sticky date pudding, drizzled with a sticky sea salt and butterscotch sauce, paired with a scoop of maple walnut ice cream, and a sugar crystal net. While I loved the ice cream and the sweet sauce, the sticky date pudding was rather dry, and much too dense in texture. Not that good.

Sphere (SGD $15)

Sphere (SGD $15)

With beautiful and eye-catching urban inspired ambience, friendly, professional, and personal service, delicious yet artfully plated food that is served in large portions, all for affordable wallet-friendly prices, Times Square Restaurant is a must-visit. I will be sure to return for more!


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